Symbiotic Devotee

Symbiotic Devotee¬†ūüôŹ
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 February 20, 2020

Think of tennis doubles. Each tennis player may have a better chance of being successful with a partner that they are in tune with than playing alone where many weaknesses are more visible. Nothing is more beautiful that people in deep harmony. A devotee is like the fragrance of a flower. You can see the flower. You cannot see the fragrance or catch hold of it like the flower. The fragrance is the soul. The ego is non existent. You are me and I am you, but we are still individuals and love each others individuality.

Love costs. It costs a lot. Love is hard. It requires sacrifices. The biggest sacrifice is making someone else’s wants and needs at least as important as your own.Of course, in rare cases it happens naturally. The problem nowadays is that love is interpreted on a gross level. Just as many people are attracted to the size and glitter of a fake diamond, so are they swayed by  false, superficial love. There is no value in either. A real diamond is often quite small, but it is flawless. That is where its value lies. Real love is like a tiny diamond: it is not flashy and it is without a single flaw. Real love is one hundred percent pure. There is nothing artificial  mixed into it. It is clean. There are no ulterior motives in real love. 

Live like you own the world, but be open to gentleness. Spreading love out. If you erase all the mistakes of your past, you would also erase all the wisdom of your present. Remember the many lessons that life presents, not the disappointments! A wise sea captain caught in a tropical storm knows that if he holds his vessel on the periphery it will get hurled from one side to the other. If he can reach the eye of the storm, he will enter a place of stillness. The storm will then subside and the ship can continue its journey. 

Similarly, when everything around me is changing in a very intense way, the best place for me to seek shelter and refuge is not on the outside, but deep within the self, where I can get in touch with my own inner being, find strength and stability, then come out and do whatever it is I need to. As love goes deep, devotion is just another perception from the outside. Devotion is a path hopefully to a deep love within be it alone or with another and is ultimate synchronicity. Load up on self love!


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