Everybody’s Dumb

Everybody’s Dumb!🎉 
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 February 12, 2020

Everyone is smarter than the majority populace on any number of things. That being said, we are also rapidly becoming dumber and most are too dumbed down to see it! In New York City in the late ’80’s, I lived in the same ‘hi rise’ who I occasionally rode the elevator with, the ‘world’s smartest woman, Marilyn vos Savant. Marlyn was listed as having the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records. Marilyn would agree that if all that could be known in the world were illustrated as in a circle, even she would possess less that a hair sliver of that total. 

Smart takes on infinite faces from mental, physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intuitive, common sense, healthy sense of humor, etc. No degree of smartness can be measured with accuracy and is relative to circumstances. There are infinite things and situations to be ‘smart’ in. Making the best decision in any situation may be a measure of many gifts of smart. It is smart to see everyones gifts even if they don’t measure up to the normal societal opinions. Smart is sometimes objective but often subjective and relative to various factors. 

My view of smartest is to love yourself deeply and love others. Completely and without ulterior   motive, fear, or judgment. Knowing yourself and always continuing to understand as many aspects of life is ‘smarting’, and that’s a never ending journey. Giving up some of these is smart: excuses; self doubt; fear of failure; procrastination; fear of success; negative thinking, judgment of others, lack of self worth, and the general intolerance of others healthy mannerisms can become a disease or mental disorder that actually can spread to others. It’s really being selfish or in disregard for knowing yourself as well as inadequate respect of others ‘selves’.

In Manhattan of NYC, I worked for a small financial company which was owned by a very unique open minded man by the name of Andy Kramer. One of Andy’s many assets as President was that he was very humble on what he knew about the business either always referring to another employee who might have known more than he, or being very humble about what he knew, and at the same time respectful of any questions in a very polite way. To realize that we all know little compared to what can be known makes for comfortability and gratitude from others in interaction even if you’re much more informed on subjects addressed. You are very profound as you come directly from your own life experiences be they somewhat primitive or from great sophistication. Everyone is more dumb than smart about infinite matters, and they who see that are on a path of egolessness. Remember both Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad were uneducated, illiterate, and uncivilized.


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