Fear of Communication

Fear of Communication 🤷‍♂️
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 February 10, 2020

Fear of communication and talking to someone else that one has the urge to do but for fear of outcome is a major liability to freedom and better answers. We are the only living thing with all the tools to communicate to our desires.Why not use them? The fear of communicating with another is self censorship, lack of self worth, and a fear of free speech. You in essence become an enemy to yourself. It may happen with a partner or especially with someone regarded as an authority figure who in reality wants to have your communication.

It’s natural to feel a little hesitation in communicating at times especially with someone who we don’t know or feel a bit uncomfortable or perhaps intimidated by. Avoiding connection is a time to ask yourself why? Sometimes the best communication is just a positive attitude and a smile.

It’s a good idea to always move in the direction of communication even if it’s uncomfortable if  you feel the urgency to do it or even have trepidations about it. One of life’s blessings is to be friendly while letting go of negative perceptions on outcome. Approach interactions that are verbal with good intent yet no.expectation of outcome that you are attached to. 

 Self confidence is to know yourself and seek the best, most positive way to interact. Be of light heart, but of sincere intention and as conscious as possible of empathy and compassion for the other. No communication can be a building of both your anxieties and perhaps the others who us anticipating your initiation of communication.  Communication is an art both verbally, emotionally, and with body language. 

Nothing happens in the world without communication and that nothing is sometimes ‘something’ that is more uncomfortable than the breaking through the barrier of ‘communication resistance’ was. Of course, using skillful means of communication always starts from the heart and discernment of best ways mentally. Fear of communication is a form of punishment of the self. Silent, positive communication from two or more hearts connecting is also a valuable way of connecting. The key is always proceed with the highest intent and with empathy toward the others receptivity. 

Keep open the door of communication as well as leaving an open door for others to communicate with you, and importantly making it easy for them. The same boiling water that softens the potato, hardens the egg. It’s about what you are made of, not the circumstances. A smart person knows what to say, a wise person know whether to say it or not. YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE AND THE SOLUTION.


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