Be Positive – It’s Prayer

Be Positive – It’s Prayer🙏
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 January 26, 2020

Dust accumulates in the mind and heart. Who would want a life of accumulating ‘dust’ where you no longer can see the positive beauty of life? Dust gathers more dust as ‘negative gathers more negative. Negative becomes a habit much like imbibing any stimulant that soon you become addicted to. Always ‘tomorrow’ for changing it is to gather more dust called habitual excuses of being lazy, and really selfish to yourself and those who have to interact with you. The main excuse is hanging on to a past, especially of the childhood, that haunts you. It’s always just dust that needs the decision to make it disappear. 

Let the positive gather more positive! All the virtues of human capability like, compassion, kindness, appreciation, sensitivity, open mindedness, sincerity, integrity, etc., are all extensions of self love needing to be highlighted in everyday living. The challenge of course, if you follow these qualities, is how to use them with those who give them little consideration. The best suggestion is to avoid contact with negative thoughts and actions in yourself first, and in the company of others. The first is doable and a great start, but the second of avoiding others who  are not mindful is a challenge.

 It’s challenges which, if within reach, are those that give opportunities of growth within by figuring out and applying the most ‘skillful means’ of coming up with the highest reaction or response to give all situations a spark of hope for some positive display. Taking the least challenging road on any engagement is easier but a bad habit that self perpetuates by taking less compassion or empathy for the other and yourself. 

There are many misconceptions of what ‘prayer’ or praying really is. The mind filled with negative thoughts is anti prayer. Your mind is like the ground that needs to be prepared to throw out all the rubbish. Be like a gardener letting prayer come after meditation and/or a mind that has been cleared and the heart prepared. Meditation is like preparing the ground for a bed of roses. Prayers is the rose. If you plant for roses and the ground is full of weeds and stones, prayer will have difficulties. Prepare yourself in thoughtless silence. When that is there, prayer and the positive come. Prayer becomes a fragrance. Prayer is a dialogue with the universe, meaning God. Be positive, accept the empty mind and that best comes from meditation. Hear the voice within your heart and the thankfulness of praying will blossom. Be receptive.


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