Life’s Options

Life’s Options 🌻
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January 11, 2020

Life is an option. Everything happens for a reason, and we as humans have more ability to see the ‘reasons’ than any other living organism. Never search for your happiness in others. It will make you feel alone. Rather search for it in yourself, you will feel happy even if you are alone. In consciousness, you have two options in life. The first is to ‘accept’. The second is to change what can be changed, accepting what you can’t change…and try to change what you can’t accept. 

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Maturity is when we understand and appreciate small things. It’s called adulting or taking responsibility for the higher choices in life. You are what you have created of your opportunities regardless of what transpired before. The only time is ‘now’ – possibly the future, and the past is gone. What of it that can be seen again is a blessing but not guaranteed. 

 The perception of life is through the accumulation of experiences and attitudes formed into each moment of the now as a reaction or response. The attachment to the embedded negatives and positives, or those beliefs and imaginations that are part and parcel of who you have accepted yourself as who you are. Truth is all of it is not who you really are.  Since you are born, the river of life is then  flowing with no end even when death seems so, life goes on. Be aware and vulnerable, and you will see. 

Love in its depths opens the doors and windows of life beyond what the busy and/or closed mind is able to grasp. What I see is to not seek life anywhere else but in you. Seeking it in anyone is to miss. Seeking it in scriptures or clever words of any kind, is to miss and stuff the mind with things that have little value being there already. Knowledge is useful for certain things but is also ego boosting, and can make you stupid and insensitive. Insensitivity and fear of love and its infinite qualities is guaranteed to block the pearls within. No one is going to find the meaning of life in any book or explanation by ‘guru talk’ or from anyone. 

Only in living with awareness will the mysteries be revealed to you. Death is not the enemy but the transition to a renewal. Death in fact happens each moment as a renewal is needed for where you are going. Now your own life and the answers of the beyond will reveal themselves. The river of life has no end, and the beginning is right now at the starting line. Always be in the heart with the mind as it’s servant.


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