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January 5, 2020

Common sense and compassion for truth and justice seem ‘not infrequently’ irrelevant in the courts of law administered by legal experts, including judges who’ve created an obstacle course of justice to serve their ‘pocketbooks’. Of course in courts, it’s a ‘crap shoot’ for doing what’s right and a 50/50 opportunity at truth. ‘Do gooders’ need always be suspected of what lies are in the coverup of their actions be it the priest, politicians, lawyers, or any endeavor that controls what is hidden and not exposed. Just because some actions or deeds are worthy of admiration, sadly in this world of bipolar actions motivated by selfish indulgences, you must always question for the truth, which always needs your help.

Law is not for the protection of the just, instead for the ‘crowd mind’. Whether it is just or unjust doesn’t matter. The law seems to be an effort to reduce the individual and his freedom from the possibility of being himself with truth. Lawyers are simply irrelevant – they are parasites sucking our blood.

Certainly, the American court systems may be superior to the court systems of many other countries, but even given the high education level of the US citizenry, the vast majority are better off avoiding many court appearances for truth and common sense to prevail. In regards to the affordability of civil justice, it is unfairly expensive both  compared to other countries as well as for the common person, particularly for the majority of people saddled with lower income or limited funds.

Personal greed and expediency to get through many of the majority lower court cases seems to be highly interwoven with the good done from my experience as well in talking to many others. The main rules for presentation of cases are often an abuse for the truth to be heard. Recently, I was privy to an eviction case where the tenant managed to coerce through feigned need and falsely heartfelt pleadings that lead the primary lessor into letting many, many months go rent free. When he finally had seen enough, he filed an eviction notice for near $10,000 rent due. Thinking it was a sure case to win, the plaintiff went without a lawyer against her lawyer. Nothing was done. The judge found a technicality that the plaintiff failed to follow naively, and closed the case for the benefit of the defendant! The plaintiff was ordered to pay the defendant’s legal fees of 2,900 dollars! In other words, the defendant was allowed to stay rent free, and send the protection bill to the plaintiff. A true example of what seems to be a corrupt, unjust system. Now more money had to be spent with lawyers to get the ‘right answer’, and which was always apparent. 

Communication and mutually beneficial agreements with integrity between the adversarial’s is a far wiser, more high conscious choice especially when what we all know, that ‘do unto another what you would have them do unto you…and I might add, don’t do anything to hurt someone else. Unfortunately, many people haven’t learned the basics of being an honorable adult with integrity The world only evolves as all individuals do so too, in this ‘wakeup time of the world’ like no other. Man has committed so much cruelty behind such beautiful names as order, law, justice. Always follow the money to support greed instead of truth and love. 

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