You’re the Therapist

You’re the Therapist🧘‍♀️
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 January 1, 2020

It’s a blessing that the modern world has Therapists trained to assist in clearing up personal issues and helping to a new and better you. We are each born into this world with predispositions that are inherited physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., in addition to characteristics that happen in the environment of ‘life’, especially in youth. Like picking an animal at a pet shelter, what happened to them prior, will affect their and your future experience. Combine their traumatic experiences and the new ‘owner’s traumatic unresolved issues, and the animal is likely to continue to act out in negative ways that could actually increase in bothersome ways.

There were no therapists throughout history until the 20th century. Seemingly, the priests or vicars of the churches for centuries listened and proselytize ways of religion to mend human behaviors that had gone astray. Self selected interpreters of religions were and still are the ‘go  to’ safety nets of souls looking for answers to life an their problems. In the later half of the 20th century the West became introduced to the spiritual wisdoms  of the East, especially from India through ‘gurus or spiritual masters’, with healing techniques largely ‘by passing’ religions and therapies with meditations including yoga.

The methods of the ‘mind fixing’ that have been a collective and individual struggling medicine in the past, and often for mind control or profit, have been usurped by meditations that clear negative attachments to all things that result in mind control. Therapies and religions continue their importance initially in conjunction with meditation that is about ‘emptying the mind’. For those that are serious seekers of the higher sides of life emotionally and spiritually, meditation is becoming the pathless path to greater love and wisdoms. Many times therapy is just chipping away at an iceberg. 

With deep meditation and love, religions, therapies, and self help methods take on a lesser importance and need. Meditations that make way for more and deeper love are free with no obligations or mind manipulations for control. Think of a car tank that gets filled with clean gas to make it run for the many pleasures that the car takes you to. Meditation techniques are like the gas that makes you go as smooth as possible to higher states of love, which is a state of meditation. 

The best therapist is YOU. Professional help may be needed but living with meditation is a means of self help and a doorway to opening the love windows to see the brighter side of life in all situations. This moment is an opportunity like never available in history – don’t miss it. The new movie of your life starts right now, here, and in this moment!
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