Triggered by the Triggered

Triggered by the Triggered🤷‍♂️Inline image

 December 18, 2019

Life is filled with words, actions, smells, memories, feelings, etc  that bring up a positive response or a negative reaction. Of course, each of us would like as many positive experiences as possible. Nature just gives back a feeling that represents past experiences – wonderful or whatever past negatives, perhaps traumas, are still attached to. It’s pretty logical when thought out. The positive can always stay, while that which has dug into our memory and has not been healed will stay until healed regardless of methods of denial such as the wide variety of mind altering substances.

When having a problem with someone being triggered, and with any kind of reaction possible, it’s a question of how to handle it without ‘you’ being triggered by your having triggered the other one? Two people triggered increases the ‘negative air’ – unfortunately. Walking carefully  through the tulips or walking cautiously through broken glass takes calmness and carefulness. In a sense, compassion and empathy is needed in the immediate situation to calm the waves. Of course, not being around someone who is easily ‘triggered’ is a best idea, but not always possible.

Triggering is. something that sets off a memory tape of flashback, transporting the person back to the event of her/his original drama. Trauma in the form of flashbacks or overwhelming feelings of sadness, anxiety, or panic. The brain forms a connection between a trigger and the feelings with which it is associated, and some triggers are quite innocuous. For example, a person who smelled incense while being raped might have a panic attack when he or she smells incense in a store. Triggers are very personal, and generally people with severe PTSD or/and anxiety can be triggered by everyday things.

Life has many things to teach us in which (hopefully) wisdom accrues from them. Like was said in boy or girl scouts – Be prepared! We all are students of everything and everyone we encounter. Use ‘skillful means’ to navigate all situations. Finding ways of really knowing who you are and being focused on being in your heart over time accumulates ‘spiritual’ energy to later best handle what comes your way (and of course, my way). All animals live by awareness for survival. We as humans sometimes forget that necessity of being vigilant with our so many other assets that no other entity on the planet has. We in a sense, are ‘god’s gift’ to life with so many possibilities of experience. Life is much easier as is anything if you keep focused and attempt to do everything the ‘best possible’ way while knowing that the mind is best in conjunction and melted with the heart. You are blessed like no other life to be able to do that, and possibly be a ‘superconscious human being ‘ being exemplary humans.

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