Thank God for the Devil

Thank God for the Devil👀

Jesus is a theory that needs the ‘power of belief’, and the faith that your belief is the truth. Belief is powerful but of course is a theory that may or may not be validated. Faith in that ‘belief’ is needed, but what religions would refer to or deny is to not question too much for the ‘devil’ works in mysterious ways! Some say all the holy books were written with the inspiration of a God, but since it’s purported that god created everything, that means also the devil and in the devil is d-evil! So apparently, the devil had a hand in the holy books along with this God.

Everything has polarity of one end to the other, good to bad, love to hate and so forth. Can’t have one without the possibility of the other to always know that ‘awareness or lack there of’ creates whatever happens. For example, love is a fantasy filled with heartache if the heart isn’t filled with love. Everything has the possibility of being just a little impaired, or even more without awareness. Life is all very dialectic for balance or frustration for those that get stuck at the wrong end.

See the beauty in everything without not giving what isn’t its due natural, healthy response. Always be letting go of the ‘sticks and stones’ that make life unnecessarily not so simple. The devil is a self manufactured reaction to a negative reality that perpetuates itself, but is existent in addition to needing the awareness of those who take the high road to always be vigilant. 

Life is about learning. Learning requires doubt and questioning of everything for proof of its veracity. To follow any agenda with little or no questioning is to follow the works of the devil with ‘icing’ on top that make it a god for the ‘believers’. The believers deny by their ‘sold and bought faithfulness’, the greater beauty of knowledge hidden from beliefs. Those ‘lazy for the wisdoms of life and love’ slip into a ‘coma zone’ of a parking lot for others who likewise agree with their ‘shut down to truth’ journey. 

The way of discipline is one of following a regiment for someone else’s purposes unless it is free of anyone’s interference but your freedom of choice on paths of life only needing your own love and awareness. Thank god for the devil and the creation of sin. Sin is merely forgetfulness. Would life have any interest if there wasn’t the ability to forget, and make wrong decisions? There is no truth without lies, light without dark, love without its levels of increasing self afflictions for the ‘stuck’ and unaware. Deep love cancels ‘beliefs’! Question – find a better answer – reboot, then continue. Seek beyond theories and beliefs!


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