Aborting Love

Aborting Love 👼
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  •  December 7, 2019
  • Adultery is a word for cheating — cheating on your spouse with another person. Real love never involves taking the life of love from a spouse. Playing ‘Indian giver’ with love’s diversion to another while covering it up from the ‘cuckold-ed spouse’ is a cheating game with karma coming. 
  • Marriage, whether legal or partnering in love, is two souls and hearts beating as one. Agreement and communication invite godliness into the hearts and minds of two beating as one mind. Cheating is not possible when two live and love as one. Wherever  one goes, the other is with them, hence one can never hide from the other. Even though two becomes ‘one’, each is an individual, but an individual with the conscience of the beloved filling the heart and mind. 
  • Trust is always with each for each other, but ‘trust’ means that ‘doubt’ is hidden. In the deepest of trust, there is a mysterious space where trust no longer is in any thought. An example would be if you were to dive into a pool while not knowing how to swim, knowing and trusting a friend with unquestionable life saving skills would be there to save you. Once you’re in the water, that trust becomes a let go of all to existence in a state of mindlessness. ‘Earlier trust’ becomes ‘accepting to what is’. In the case of trusting ‘love’ or any deep connection agreement, for a mysterious ‘magic’ to happen one must move beyond all questioning of the mind. Think of a little child and a loving mother. The child does’t question the mother’s love, but knows.
  • Love not complete, is like an armageddon of experience. Love really begins bot after it has begun and ends. An agreement need always be communicated verbally or otherwise that when separated for any reason, including death, mutual receiving and giving for the others welfare is always there. One knows the other as if it is them. This has been my experience with deep love. Asking each other for faithfulness creates doubt, and fears from that doubt. Love yourself deeply, and the other doing the same creates freedom from doubts, fears … and ‘cheating’.
  • Cheating on the other is indicative of a lack of faith and love in yourself. Total communication, even of each others fantasies being ‘ok’ is a ‘freeing’ of the ‘love bondage’ that lurks in each couple. Disregarding ‘deepest love’ for instead your ignorance, fears, or non-communicated fantasies is not  ‘adulting’, or being true to yourself as an example of godliness that all possess within. Killing one love for another is being blindsided by illusion, and is unfaithful to all love. Freedom comes from loving yourself with all your heart and soul.
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