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November 27, 2019

Love has many types and degrees of intensity. Perhaps the greatest love is that between a couple that reaches the peaks of love. Love between a couple will only reach it’s best potential if both are open with complete vulnerability to each other with no ‘gap’ emotionally and spiritually between them. Fear of intimacy and abandonment has dwelt within the collective humankind well before written history, stunting love’s growth.

Submitting to love with abandon and no fear has been thought of as falling off an abyss into the unknown without a parachute. Deep self love is a parachute and more! Diving into ‘love coupling’ with not enough reason to trust is a good reason to fear submitting or trusting that all will be well. Just because you feel love beginning, only is it indicative of natures help opening to your real self that was hidden behind your cumulative everyday past. 

Love is a gamble! Love’s rewards are fulfilling for those that really love with all their heart in awareness, compassion, communication, truthfulness, and all the wonderful characteristics that are free for those who open their heart. Let your home be your open heart. In the sound of silence, and an invisible presence will enter your soul as an unexpected visitor that stays in your heart as a home. Submitting is being totally ready for a transformation that fills your being. Love can only be known by loving. Love is only known by loving with total trust in vulnerability. A higher love is reached by the connoisseurs of love.  

There is no specific technique. Let go and submit to readiness in vulnerability and trust of only lovingness. Always know that deep loving within oneself alone is more enriching than most coupling.

Love is the only knowledge there really is. To have ‘knowledge of’ is one thing, but to know deeply is the greatest gift. ‘Knowledge of’ is the door to allowing yourself to be consumed and taken over by love. It is the manifestation of the ‘god creation’. The ‘seed of you’ was passed by a couple. Just as that invisible seed was passed to make the ‘you’, the seed of love is inside you waiting to be nurtured with ‘no impediments’ in the way. When the seeker is ready, the master will come. In other words, when you are free and open with ‘issues’ let go of, the  alchemy of an ‘invisible surrender’ happens of its own accord. Love becomes  your prayer and your meditation. 


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