God is an Archetype

God is an Archetype🙏
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November 19, 2019

All words are free to worship. All worship is an ancient ‘belief’ ritual, and only necessary when one needs the use of ‘belief’. Some say ‘god’ is love, but do we worship love, or even those we experience love with? Love is not an expression of reverence for a love one as it is said to be for a deity. An archetype is something molded in the mind to represent an example of quality we adhere to either as a belief or as a touchstone of appreciation possibly to the degree of deep reverence. Worshipping of one’s image (ie,. God) can be a step to seeing beyond the attachment to a word or words that need to be ‘unattached to’ to experience deep realities.

Depending on the personal identification of an archetype, while useful, misses the real silent beneficialness of the harmonious gifts that enable life and love to exist. There is no need to ascribe a word to that and then rearrange the word to fit a dogma unless the mind can’t see beyond the object (in this case ‘god’ or god as a father) and it’s used as a devise or crutch for the mind to understand at one’s stage in life. 

God is real and not, but an unidentifiable symbol of what humans prefer in someone looking  out for them here and hereafter. To paraphrase Ecclesiastes 1.17 in it’s  condemnation of the pursuit of wisdom is as folly as one who chases after the wind. Each of us has the ability to see, understand and manifest what any ‘holy man’ has and could display. We are only limited by the limits we set within as obstructions. 

The term God is anthropocentric. It is our creation. Knowledge is not knowing and ‘knowing’ should never be an ‘ego trip’ for those who think they ‘know’ God. Conceptions are false imaginations, dreams of the human ego. We are not the only ’thing’ in the image of god. The trees, earth, stars, animals, men and women…everything that exists is in ‘god’s image’, not just man. God is not divided into two – the creator and the creation. Creation is God. There is no god who is separate, apart, sitting somewhere presiding engineering, administrating beyond the world. The very world, universe, being is god/godding. Best to be open to not attaching to knowledge of a duality of god as creator and creation, instead opening oneself to an eternal creation always seeking harmony. First seek and focus on the harmony within you. Love life and life will love back!


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