Love’s Trap Door

Love’s Trap Door 👎
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November 24, 2019

You have no enemies. Those being negative or bitter are their own worst enemies. On the other hand, people being negative have made themselves into enemies by not owning their part and/or attitude. People generally are not developed enough to own that they have created their experiences  AND their judgments with few exceptions. We may agree or not with our perception of another’s actions, but they are what they are, and the best we can do is move on and yet keep open to those who’ve moved to our ‘outer circle’ of friendliness.

Love is largely a four letter word that few move into deeply, and if they do it, still on rare occasion, has a ‘trap door’ at any whim of the one who claims love. Those who frequently say they love you, it’s too often just a nice expression of ‘choice etiquette’  Even those few who seem to put a deep meaning to it, have a trap door that eliminates their intended connection. For example, the terrific girl I was married to in my 20’s for a short time, and  is now a well acclaimed holistic doctor, and who I have many years of a ‘light’ connection with (seems to be her choice) has always received my short provocative, heartfelt essays for years.

Recently, she emailed ‘unsubscribe’ – which is that ‘trap door’ and indicative of either a lack  of ‘self love’ or more likely, just a knee jerk trigger that we all do sometimes, even though she holds many seminars everywhere about conscious ‘health concerns’. The essay that must have provoked her was called ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ (had nothing to do with her). She apparently was triggered from decades ago. 

I always continue to have a special love for anyone that I shared love with. If you really love someone, nothing they do changes that. Nothing! Those who act as distant ‘enemies’ or frenemies are just that unto themselves, and have fallen into their own trap door of love. There is never any reason to not be open to a friendship with those who you shared love with….in fact, pretty much with anyone who you had a meaningful connection with.

The collective rising of consciousness on earth is dependent on each of us loving ourselves and being committed to loving everyone especially those close to you now or even in the past. Nothing should be a block to that. Look at  yourself as representative of ‘god’s ideal example’ of a loving being of light. Make ‘self love’ your number one priority in life, anything other taking first place is to avoid the greatest blessing you have – life, and especially at this moment in human existence. Love is free, even if you have to make it your most important quest in life to find!

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