Negativity is Godly

Negativity is Godly👌
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 November 30, 2019

Let negativity go, blow it away, and yet take the time to see that it is an opportunity to see that negativity is just not seeing the positive within it. We are living in a dream world that has its dark side, but it’s always one that we can choose to learn from rather than forever being in a self accepted swamp of uncomfortableness. So maybe you have arrived into adulthood with unresolved traumas. Use them as opportunities to see their advantages for you as well as in letting them go, you can help others do the same.

Much negativity is perception. Many have negativity transfixed into their mind in how they see things because of unresolved issues that they carry around often for their whole life. Negative perceptions of course have a smorgasbord of seeing things from positive sometimes, but always from a negative viewpoint at the ‘flip of a switch’. They unfortunately become attached to the negative because they don’t take the time to use methods to ‘let go’ of what is behind the negative perceptions. Negativity perpetuates more of it and even defends itself. Being   negative is letting the negativity (or dirt) permeate you and all around you. Shovel the dirt out even if it might take a lot of digging to let it go.

Seeking success is often a device to bury unresolved issues. Success in the outer world is of limited value if your inner personal life is held together by bandaids, stimulants, and tranquilizers. There is an estimated 40-60 million people in the US taking tranquilizers every year. The liberation from the negative toxins is the slice of heaven for you here and now. There is more than enough negativity around to transform into a learning opportunity let alone have to be mind controlled by your own unresolved issues that create a swamp of negativity. How to transform negative situations into more positive if you are burdened by your own inside? Create and morph into a new reality!

You are the only living thing on earth that can do that! The key is seeing you have the tools to analyze realities, take them apart, and apply logic and other critical methods to your inner liabilities. Don’t short-circuit and short-change this great time in life to be alive. You have the power to clear away the shrubbery and flotsam within you to become a stronger you. Stop being ‘left overs’! Time to clear all rot from the past and see a fresh you everyday! Next time your mind wanders into the “negative zone”, don’t try and shove them down, and instead use them as stairs to climb back up to a positive you!


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