Good God Goding

Good God Goding!
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 October 18, 2019

The biggest lie is to ‘believe’ what you don’t know, for if you know, why believe? One who says I believe I’m in love with someone, had better change that soon to ‘knowing they are’. No belief necessary. Same with God, especially if you equate god and love as the same. Always, to recognize the unseen forces, as you can not see the air, and to feel the spirit of them is ‘goding’ or bringing in all the highest inner qualities possible.

To question and examine while in your heart is ‘godly’. To believe is to not question when it comes to what millions take as ‘gospel’ in ‘God the Father’. We are all at differing levels of believing, knowing, consciousness or whatever you call it. Why love anyone less who sees things from a ‘belief’ viewpoint. My experience has been to experience love in an all consuming positive way is to submit to ‘letting go’, and the invisible surrender happens of its own accord to illuminate your spirit with the ‘light’. Call it God or the hundreds of other word used by different languages. 

Goding is letting go of all words, including the mental attachment to ‘god the father, son of god, holy spirit or any other of the hundreds of enunciated names in other languages, and feel with an open heart. If your heart is not open beyond saying it is, use the ready available techniques to open it as well as your whole being and spirit – call that ‘goding’. 

 Life has many secrets for making the best of it. Start with paying attention, or a word more used among the ‘spiritual’ – be in ‘awareness’. With that awareness must come discernment or choice of the best way to proceed. At the same time, it’s important to realize that the mind makes mistakes and best choices are often fueled by ignorance or self serving wishes that limit seeing the best choices. Best choices come from questioning, keeping an open mind, accessing past experience knowing that it may have limitations, as well as intuition and mostly, from a heart of best intent. All of this amounts to the two key words of using ‘skillful means’. 

Humans are ‘gods’ highest form of intelligence potentially when not blocked by unawareness. Humans crave spiritual nourishment. When nature finds a VACUUM, something rushes in to fill it! The “faith-starved”  try to gratify their “spiritual vacuum” by forming their own “religions,” by inventing their own “gods” to worship – – – nature, animals, UFOs, crystals, cults, psychic readers the stars, money, the body, the environment, psychotherapists, the occult, and so on.

Our religious heritage clearly distinguishes between right and wrong, the need to postpone instant gratification, directing us to respect people, property and nature, to serve others, to honor parents, to  place DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY above self-centered “rights.” The unending battle against those beliefs and values have brought us the social chaos which engulfs us today. Always respect the higher values of a religion – that is ‘spiritual’.

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