Freedom is Free

Freedom is Free👆
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 October 14, 2019

Freedom within, freedom without, and without the inner and outer freedom, there is the emptiness of being alone and looking for love in the darkness of the wintry starless nights. There may come a time in life where all needs letting go of to let that far away hidden illimitable star become the light within to enable seeing all, beyond the end of time. There is no end, and the beginning hasn’t started…not just yet.

The paltry mind of man, is limiting his assent in this remarkable open window time into the new man and woman of superconsciousness. Humanity’s mind is being usurped by the toys of technology, things to see and do that our forefathers would never have imagined. Humans have lived in inconvenient darkness since the beginning of ‘man’s  time, and ‘voila’ suddenly the lights are on, but alas they see the many delights like a child awakening in the early morning to see presents under the Christmas tree lights. Today’s little children are grown people not realizing that they are the Santa Clause who has to struggle to fill that  ‘under the Christmas tree mind set’, while forgetting the ‘angel’ on top of the tree representing the spirit within that is lonely for attention. Reality is within, while paying too much attention to not discerning whether the outer realities for being real, or just a needy, wanting illusion of desire.

Collective humanity is not prepared to prioritize the time blessed for them to control the frivolous expenditures on things that are too much distractions from stopping to seeing deeper in who they are, and can be as conscious, loving beings. One of the ‘distractions’ is working too many hours to nurture quality time of love. From my observation, people who work 60-80 hours weekly, have little time for their own inner realization, or for a quality relationship. 

Each person has to do their own inner investigation to see for themselves. Always look deep into anything that is important to you, and what could be more important than ‘who you really are’ with all the hidden qualities that await your discovery and use to make life all it can be. 

Desires become lust and a ‘deadly sin’ that chews away the love within. There is a timelessness in the precious stones of freedoms within. He who cares less about the distractions of this dawning of the age of technology and illusion, has the best opportunity to see the freedoms within. Life is a mystery, but why let the heart of awareness be one? Seek and look no further than the heart and be the ‘finder’. Mission impossible is ‘I am possible’!


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