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September 19, 2019 

God’s words say: ‘’Those without sin cast the first stone..’’  Unfortunately, a few million, especially in certain states, are taking ‘stone’ the wrong way BY STONING THEMSELVES! To be on a spiritual path, Jesus or not, is far best done with no, or minor, ‘stimulants’ unless medically necessary. Go into any ‘Stupid Market’ and there are thousands of bottles of wine, and then there is beer, and then sugar drinks. Opioids, and all drugs legal and illegal are Satan to the soul….and deep love. Tsk, tsk, a head shake and roll of the eyes! If 85% of America is claiming to be Christian…well…a lot of hopeful thinking going on. The ‘gates of Heaven, I’ve heard, have a trap door that does a lot of rejecting, and that’s an ‘evaluation judgement’ made by a higher authority!

This afternoon at my free speech display in downtown Portland where I sometimes make an  ‘assessment’ of people without judging them, a lady of maybe 280 lbs. in an electric wheelchair was reading one of my essays, and I for a moment thought that surely she would have nothing to say like many do. As she wheeled over, with a caste on her leg she  proceeded to have a 15 minute conversation with me on ‘spiritual topics’, and really was one of the more interesting people I’d met in a while. Said she was 54 and a retired executive with a bank….surely a case of not judging a book by it’s cover.

I often tell people who are single…look for consciousness with someone open to growing, positive and willing to communicate about anything especially personal things. Some of the nicest seeming people, shut down in a relationship and lose the beginning spark as they fall back into their unresolved false self that is ‘stagnant’ for growth.

Everyone has a story. The real story is who you ‘really’ are, how you overcame obstacles and are letting go while moving up and onward to a more conscious, loving being. We all are a lot more perfect inside than we think, or even what others see while making judgments from a splinter in their own eye. The  perfect person for you to bond with is just like your most conscious self, and that applies to everyone to make this world light up like never before where we all are a light unto each other!


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