Looking for Love

Looking for Love🤔
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September 26, 2019

I met a beleaguered, ‘down on himself’ man in a frumpy hat and overcoat who wore his 61 years poorly, at my free speech display in downtown Portland, Or. the other day. College educated. Just came in from years on the Oregon Coast to start a new life, but couldn’t see anything that made him feel wanted. We talked 1/2 hour (came back for more inspiration next day). Gave him a few ideas to perk him up to smiling more than when he came. Said he never had a friend, and got a hug once. Hard to believe. 

I suggested many ‘feel good’ opportunities to uplift him and meet friends. One I said, would be to go to a  church where people love to give to someone like him. I know the really great young pastor at the 7th Day Adventist Church couple of miles away in East Portland. I encouraged him to go there. Also, there are many groups held for meditation where emptying the mind and disengaging from the negative of the past can happen. The world is open arms if you are open and look. This goes for anyone. Christianity is a   safety net always available to provide spiritual refuge, brotherhood and insight into what god in one’s life can mean to make life blossom.

The window of opportunities is always right now. Gatherings of warm and receptive people are always everywhere, but first I said to him, you have to be open and have the courage to go where they gather. He seemed to feel a light that he never thought about to open another dimension in his life of hope and joy. I suggested he stop by from time to time and let me know how it’s going. Nice man, just kinda lost.

Most everyone misses the fullness of love’s potential while living too much in the mind with a starving heart. The mind becomes far more active blocking heart energy. Being free of the mind and it’s endless chattering is real freedom. We each make our choices and are beholden to consequences which of a heart weak with love, causes most of the negatives that come with it. Letting go of old attachments is to free an opening of the heart. As the saying goes, ‘why leave home with out it’, in fact the heart is ‘home’, the mind but a house. Let a heart.  fire always be burning, fueling the blisses of the heart. Why not have it all? We reap what we sow!


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