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 September 13, 2019

As all the great thinking ‘Western World’ positive thinkers have said, focus on positive words and affirmations. One major thing was left out. ‘Empty the mind’ even of ‘positive thinking’ which can be a ‘belief, and with ALL beliefs comes doubt’. If you ‘know’, belief is unnecessary. No one, for example ‘believes in the sun as real’! You know! It can even be felt! Belief might even convince some that the moon is providing warmth. However, ‘beliefs’ are critical for our lives and humanity as a ‘step (hopefully)’ to knowing.

Positive thoughts are great, but the question is where do they come from? Thoughts are words. Words usually fall into perception or a belief in what they mean. Love is an overused word, but nice whatever value it has of course. I had the best mother I could imagine, but she never said ‘I love you’. Didn’t have to! Everything she did was beyond  the necessity to ever say it. Words in a positive way, can be very comforting, but sometimes, we just know that nothing need be said.

People try to pray, people try to smile, people try to look happy, people try to be truthful, honest – whatever qualities are praised. But their unconsciousness stands there behind every act of theirs, and their unconsciousness distorts their honesty, distorts their smiles, distorts their truth. But no morality in the world teaches people to first be conscious and only then to find, by your own consciousness, what qualities you would like to blossom in your being…. Honesty, sincerity, truth, love, compassion. Positive thinking and being has an important place in the ‘toolbox of the mind’, but awareness and consciousness with discernment is of the greater value.

In the depths of an empty mind of words, even God, comes as a bliss that needs no name, and certainly no belief. God is not going to recognize ‘its’ name because the real secret is hidden away inside your heart with ‘no mind’. The mind is good for practical uses in infinite ways. There is something magical in the wordless depths and heights of the feeling we call ‘love’. No one can stop that presence! Let yourself be taken over by it. Meditation is the door that opens the light of love deeper. Deep love is meditation, and it’s of yourself even if it feels it’s toward another. Share it with someone else who reaches it within themselves and the secret to transforming the world is happening.

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