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 August 28, 2019

Now is never soon enough! If we wanted everything ‘now’, surely it would become too crowded! Likewise, having yesterday’s ‘now’ is too late, as is tomorrow ‘now’! Perhaps we all have had greedy wishes for yesterdays, tomorrows, and now! Always start with ‘here and now’ because that’s all we really have, moment to moment as a mysterious gift from who knows where – God? Not now, is a common excuse.

Always it’s time to check out now while checking out of the past and attachments to dreams of the future, which may or may not come. In a sense, it’s always now! Remember moments from the past? They always are in the mind in the now. In reality, it’s the spirit in them that has been and is in the closets of the mind. Looking back, perceptions of that long lost time may be dearer than ever or your maturity growth may see it in an infinite of new ways. However, the world doesn’t stop and the future is now. Outrunning the shadow of the future is like a dog chasing its tail.  Stop the world and melt into the now with letting go of attachment to getting ahead of yourself or stuck in the past as either will cloud the now.  

‘Now’ has all the opportunities, be they from problems, as they always come with solutions and/or answers. By staying positive in the moment, things will be what they will be, and that’s unknown. Live in passion for the moment which might be what you’ve always wanted, or what you’re heading in some passion to, but be open to that spirit in the sky having another idea. Don’t be resistant to opening your heart and moving in the same but different direction. We are all students of life and love. Why stop ’til you get enough, which is filling the heart with endless love and joy. The opportunity starts now. All is NOW! We are all in love deeply, but for the busy-ness of the mind chasing the future and lugging the past. Always know, you are love waiting to meet the soul mate within you. Know now! Hit it with your best shot!

Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can give to the world. “You are only given one moment at a time, never two moments together, so the secret of life is, how to live in one moment.” How to live in one moment is to be, in silence or love. We miss all our moments, when we are distracted by any thought. Mind cannot be in any moment. God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say “thank you?” 



  1. Arhata, instead of God whom I know not, I thank you for your splendid account on now. And you have taken more than just one second of my gratitude as I always enjoy reading you.
    Nothing to argue upon. People sleep and think they are awake. You know difficult it is to stay concsious for a few seconds, not even for a minute, being silent and alert. Not all are courageous enough to admit they are machines, and jdetermined enough to exert huge efforts on everyday’s inner work of being now. Easier to live in delusion and self deceit.
    How many seconds a day can you be now, intermittently and non-stop?

    1. Jivan
      I enjoy your comments as much as you seem to enjoy my essays. Do appreciate them, even if it took me a while to see it.

  2. Dear Sir
    This is my first visit to your site and I read “blame Frame”, after reading that article. I really feel that why should I comment on anything, After reading any type of article, on any topic, its not good to comment on it. Unless and until I am not realizing or analyzing it in real life. So, right now I am not interested, in comments. One more thing, I got link of this site from “arubyroger” yahoo group and 3-4 days back even I wrote email to “arhataosho” on yahoo groups email id. to know more about “Arhata Osho”.

    I am looking for Arhata Osho, what it is ? And Luckily today, I got link to this web page and got more information about it.

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