Sweet Songs

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 August 14, 2019

The greatest songs are wonderful feelings in the heart. Everyone can ‘silent sing’ when open, free and unencumbered by any morose ‘songs’ of the past that control your head and heart. Words float away as time brings new experiences, but the feeling of the open, none judgmental heart and mind sing a quiet song at any moment from memories to the present. The songs of the heart sometimes though have no filter for what’s true and what’s false.

Like a ‘siren’ in Homer’s The Odyssey, mermaids would be singing on rocks by the side of the ocean’s waves, luring in sailors who would drift in crashing into the rocks. Anyone can be that ‘mermaid’ inside, crashing into their own illusion of themselves. Life inside each of us has both the singing and big rocks from which the singing is coming. We crash into ourselves when we become lured by some type of self importance. It can happen in endless moments  where we need to catch ourselves before the rocks rudely awaken us. It may be as little as  not using the right ‘skillful verbal means’ with someone that causes an unplanned reaction even setting off ‘rocks crashing into rocks’, or two minds with a ‘bad attitude’ crashing and clashing mindlessly into each other.

The ‘sweet songs’ need be tempered by the humble mind and heart of rationality and practicality. We can step out of our inner selves bolstered by illusions of some kind of grandeur that is but an illusion cultivated by that seductive singing in our minds. Lo and behold for reality has a big stick that comes out of nowhere to temper the fox in the chicken pen who awakens the mean rooster let alone the awakening of the farmer with a shotgun. The fox has songs of chickens in his head ’til it turns to squawking.

Life must always be in harmony with itself for the real gifts that come with awareness and examination of what direction one steers the boat of self in. Be gentle to yourself and follow the path that is the one clear of yesteryear’s tucked away negative, unresolved issues that create the invisible swamp which lingers in the dark crevices of the mind, creating the crashes. LOVE OF SELF allows one to see the directions to a more blissful, giving and receiving life that propels itself on a heavenly road. Always, it’s time to lift the fog, and see where you are going from the discerning heart and mind. Change bad habits into good ones and keep a lookout for luring singing on the rocks. Time to let yourself stop dragging you into your un-let go misery’s and instead fly  with your singing heart.


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