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 August 11, 2019

Do you fight voices in your mind? Does it really matter if you don’t ‘silent’ the voices? Maybe you’ll just wait a while until they are distracted, then it’s back to the negative voices again. Why not work on letting go of the negative tapes that never go away? Are they voices from years – decades ago with no relief ever? 

Each one of us regardless of education, and status in life is blessed with things money can’t buy. One of those is some talent that sets you apart from others. Whether you know what that is or it seems immaterial, one thing all have that requires ‘zero talent’ are certain behaviors that don’t require a lot of talent, education, money or whatever. Some of those are:


•Being on time

•Making an effort 

•Being high energy 

•Having a positive attitude

•Being passionate

•Using good body language

•Being coachable or willingness to learn

•Doing a little extra

•Being prepared

•Having a strong work ethic

•Ability to smile

•Giving compliments to others and appreciation

•Being honest and truthful

•Always learning to take the best option in any situation. 

All of those stimulate, even in small ways, to build a better you without having to indulge in outer things that are often used to avoid the talents we all have that are free to use everyday and all the time. It’s wrong use of human nature for best inner experiences to just fog them up and ignore what needs to be fixed like all things such as a car that poorly responds on the road. Not fixing the problem will not get better by itself. 

Habits always need to be examined, they may be little such as always showing up late for engagements. The one ‘bad habit’ not only creates other bad habits, but it’s a clear sign that something is ‘amiss’ that downgrades the quality of your life and your responses to another.

Bad habits need to be admitted either by you, or if you can’t see them, by someone else whose opinion you can rely on. Bottom line, we are our own worst drug (enemy). The mind looks to avoid, and circles around questionable behaviors or flat out denies their existence. To not hear the inner voice that we all have is like driving a car on just fumes or at least on near empty. Time to fill the heart and mind with awareness and a self love that is total and expresses itself as always coming from the heart rather than just the mind where the wars of consciousness hang out. Be in your heart and let the mind always be in union with the heart. Freedom comes from within.


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