Wings of Dreams

Wings of Dreams?
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 July 7, 2019

Everyone should have dreams that they feel obtainable from the innocent child to the elder who met some of their dreams, and missed some, there is alway the opportunity to still focus on them or to make small ones that you feel obtainable. Giving hope to others, finding creative ways to do that is a dream that can be, especially for those who are challenged or near the end of this living dream can start right here in this moment! 

Forward – Upward & Onward. Those were words that I repeated occasionally to myself as I lie in bed for days waiting for my ‘brain surgery’ that was finally announced to be done on 6-6-06. Certainly had to wonder what kind of omen that was, having it on 666?! Well, at least for me, that superstition proved the opposite as when I ‘came to’, I was told all went perfect during the  13 hours I was in ‘shutdown’. During those 3 weeks in the hospital, I often reflected on my dreams of continuing them, and that the angels I felt in my mind were going to make sure that it would be ‘forward, upward, and onward’. 

Who knows what series of events puts one in a ‘holding pattern’ like a hospital or prison time. That prison may just be the holding pattern you are stuck in and just repeating days as the same old, same old. It’s not easy to come to terms  with what they were. As time goes on, and we are out of many different ‘holding patterns’, our directions are ‘altered’ for what that ‘stopping’ of the past was about, and open the window to fly in a reset and different direction either with an altered version of the past ‘dream’ or perhaps a new one. Who knows what plans lurk in the unknown, but God knows. 

He who flies highest and fastest flies farthest, as ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ says in Richard Bach’s famous book, meaning flying the farthest with their dreams. Everyday we wake up and are on the runway of life to move on. That moving on is remembering to ‘move in’ where the controls of the heart and mind are, best in full operating condition or at least ready for continuing adjustments to move ahead past any blocking impediments into the clear skies of flowing through your dreams, or at least better seeing that you can build them step by step and day by day. The answers are blowing in the wind. Love is in the air…and, the air is love. Some call it God.  


Freedom within and freedom without. There is a war between them! Time to make peace and fly while teaching others how to. Fix those broken dreams and wings to fly again!

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