Jesus? Amalgamation?

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July 10, 2019

Loving Jesus is a blessing. ‘Believe in Jesus’ is, when looked at carefully,  is also to avoid ‘doubting’ that Jesus was God’s son in the flesh. Illusion is the idea that people should be, and do, what we want them to. The truth is, all is as it should be, despite appearances or our perceptions of others to the contrary. An ‘amalgamation’ of Jesus having been real, or a story as an archetype that evokes the same Christlike energy of ‘godliness’ is a synthesis of all that builds an inner temple of all qualities of love.

Bless those who believe in Jesus as the son of god. Bless those who choose not to question but choose to have strong faith. At the same time, it’s not very ‘god like’ to not bless everyone as we are all here for a short time to make a difference. Hopefully, that difference is a positive one both personally and in the world, but especially personally. Love doesn’t need words as words fall short of what’s real. Love or god can’t be defined precisely by anyone. They are  practical ‘words’ to convey some meaningful communication with another reflecting a perception of an energy of harmonious positioning with one.

 Everyone, believer or not, has at least ‘glimpses of love’ whether that is identified as god or  not, it just is. Those finding deep love no longer have to belief in love, as most do, but know love wherever they are through all of life’s presentations.

The most powerful energy in the world is ‘Christ’ energy. The mind may deny that, but what is, is. Through that energy flows the energy of everything. The mind has a choice to cancel out all the feelings of heart energy. We as humans, are given all abilities to fall or rise to the pinnacles or depths of possibilities. Christ (Jesus) is an anthropomorphization of a spirit that is in each one of us. We all identify with the best example to choose to motivate ourselves to aspire to. That example might be the best tennis player, singer, statesman, or what’s called an ‘archetype’ or model to emulate.

In a sense, God (by whatever name), endows the possibility to love Jesus in the flesh, or what few have seen, as a positive model called an archetype, to keep one on the path of the holiest spirit within each of us. All are given the ‘breath of life’ or in otherworldly-ism, the spirit of life. We can choose to pay attention to it or not. The breath of life is the ‘breath of love’. Pay attention to it, and the invisible wonders of the world become ‘downloaded’.

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