Letting Go!

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 June 29, 2019

While living in Venice Beach of Los Angeles during the ’90’s and early 2,000’s, and after having ‘let go’ of my corporate Wall St. day’s for a more conscious, spiritual life, I began a group which I still do today in another form called, ‘the LA LetGo’. The key to a new open door to a more realistic, loving life style involves removing and letting go of yesteryear’s luggage that no longer helps the journey now and into the future. The ‘LA LetGo’ was a way to introduce the many forms of meditation and prayer to open doors of light for self realization.

As a small child goes through it’s stages of automatically letting go of behaviors to grow, the adult must  also, but no longer is it as ‘automatic’, but now a choice. This road or that road? Most continue to follow what they accumulated from their environment and culture, but the road at some point divided into a number of ways to go. Those raised with a good balance of love and positive direction continued on  that road. Many, unknowingly continued on the many other roads that reflected their upbringing with perhaps less of love and rational balance.

Each has a choice to either continue the path set while questioning it to be the best, most virtuous, uplifting one, or one that reflects things needed to look at and examine for the best way, that had been somehow short of values needed. We are living at a time where more opportunities are available than at anytime in history to move in the light or if stumbling with limitations, to use the ‘tools’ of helping to climb the ladders of positivity while giving that back to others. All one has to do is to always ‘stop’ and look at where you have been, and take the positives experiences from it while letting go of what keeps you from climbing into the light of life and love. Be willing to climb out of the negatives of the past and just do it here and now. 

This moment is our moment to shine and carry the torch of light for others to find the way out of the darkness. Each helps the other to what they need for more love and inspiration. We become what we repeatedly do. God’s torch is an eternal blessing! For those that believe in God or ‘not’ – let both go! No one can define god anyway and certainly not ‘no god’! Let go and let go(o)d in. Be aware, let go of attachments, use discernment, and make sure you love yourself as much as you can. Then let go of ‘making sure’!;

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