Innocent Heart

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 June 27, 2019

Letting go of the active mind allows the opportunity to reach the heart for life’s magic elixir called ‘love’. These days the active mind has taken a strange turn as if we are at the beginning of the apocalypse perhaps. Everywhere people gather or walk they are looking into a cellphone while avoiding bumping into things and each other. Seems to be a ‘red flag’ for unknown impending consequences? 

Life seems to go on while everyone is mesmerized by many distractions, and little effort is given to the challenges of inner growth. Every challenge is but an opportunity to focus on answers that lie dormant if not met. When we have a need, the mind looks for an answer that awaits attention. Complacency or  avoidance of moving the blocks of negativity away is the sin of not paying attention or being in awareness for the discernments that await for you to choose to follow for best answers.

Life has puzzles to be searched for best answers. A baby is on automatic to find  out all the answers to how everything works. As we grow from those findings or challenges, they keep coming. The wise way is to always be ‘looking in’ for answers that promote empathy, compassion and love in life before the outer pursuits that can become ‘blocks’ causing one to forget the inner growths and realizations that often are left in the treadmill of the dark where life grinds to a mindless coping where life and love are on hold until death do us part. 

We are not just our daily pursuits that keep the ‘outer you’ relentlessly seeking the material and desires, thinking it’s what makes life better while ignoring the beauties within that hide in plain sight. Truth set aside for the accumulation of desires is to ‘put off truths’ that result in forgetting that the challenge of finding them can be lost. Each of us is a ‘broken wing’ that calls out for the voices of healing so that we can fly again. Angels are healed, always helping to heal dormant angels that have forgotten who they are. Listen to the heart and be cautious of the mind for the real strength is in the innocence of the heart. 

The pursuit of truth may be begun by the mind, but can be infected by fears and misinterpretations embedded in the memory bank and robbed of clear, impartial thinking. The innocent, truthful mind and heart must train itself to discern what isn’t by looking to be informed deeply. Freedoms come with living a life of truthfulness. 


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