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 June 22, 2019

The world you are in on the outside is usually a reflection of your world on the inside. As you are within, you will experience the outside accordingly. Without a centered ‘within’, the outer will be perceived more negative and without solutions that are improvements. ‘Within you’ are the secrets to a life of more bliss and joy.Beautiful things happen in life when you distance yourself in letting go of the attachment to past negatives. The ‘now’ is your home.

Richness is not earning more, spending more or saving more. Richness is when you need ‘No More’. If the one button of your shirt is wrongly put. All the rest are surely crooked. So always be careful on your first step.The rest will automatically follow you. Your richness is you and what you have to give back due to your experiences and those to come. Money will be there, chasing it will obstruct the growth of the riches within.

Prune back the desire for more material wealth and see the wealth within more  clearly. With a clear mind, we can see who we really are for evermore. With a clear mind and heart, godliness smiles. No expectations of who you are or what the mind wants to become, each of us is already that, but with too many weeds obstructing the beautiful garden within that is always ready for celebration!

Life and it’s working is very simple. What goes in, comes out. A life that begins and grows with love attracts that same response when you follow that course. And of course, much of life is bereft of one filled with love, however you are best prepared to walk the zig zag line with awareness and discernment. ‘Trouble free’ makes life a little dull, and we grow more in the opportunity to learn from life’s impediments. 

Life at this time is an opportunity never before existed with seemingly more and more answers to everything both inner and outer. The ‘outer’ is often not free and may be compromising to the inner. The ‘inner’ is always free to fix or set for all the qualities to experience life and love at it’s best. 

The best four letter words are hidden in plain sight! ‘Hope and love’! God or universal love has a plan, it’s best you’re in on it by living with awareness, discernment and from the heart. God’s plan is a miracle! Plan for a miracle but expect that it’s best not to get attached to expectations. That’s the time that God’s little four letter word of ‘hope’ comes in. Be like a rock of integrity, love, compassion and all the wonderment qualities that everyone is entitled and bequeathed to. You just have to be open to them, hope, expect a miracle, and yet see the happiness one way or the other within. God has saved the best for you. The message is ‘common on in’! Surprise! It’s already inside you waiting for your nurturing. You only let yourself down. Good news, there is an invisible ladder that has god’s love behind it!


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