Movin’ On!

Movin’ On ?!
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 June 16, 2019

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when it’s moving on time and letting go of that which either was wonderful or perhaps a heartbreak. Do you know why a cars’ WINDSHIELD is so large & the Rear-view Mirror is so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. Look ahead and move on! Life is filled with great experiences, opportunities, successes, and failures.

Complacency or negative embellishment of the directionless mind is a slogging thru the past or a projection into the future that is based from somewhere in back memories that haven’t been converted into opportunities of positivity. Everyone has a ‘treadmill’ inside them where the inner is always walking or running in place with no creative imagination to let go of the shopping carts of yesteryear especially ones that have memories which create pain and suffering as much as you try to bury them.

Always be walking into the light of looking for better ways to follow your heart and open the mind. Death is a clearing of the ‘tabula rasa’ of things that held you back from knowing the deep love within. Why procrastinate your whole life with rewriting the script of ‘you’ that is not   wanted? The time is now, and it’s the most important moment to be in full awareness to make the best choices, and leave the ones that didn’t move you out of the dark behind.

Nothing is impossible for the word itself is ‘Im-Possible’. Love yourself first, then everything falls into line. Inner joy is always available in dark or light, you just have to make sure the love inside is fully charged for when you need it. Moving on is to move in, but first you must stop, drop the mind and let yourself in, and certainly before letting someone else in, or giving what’s in you. Tomorrow is gone as is yesterday. Seize the moment now and here, and tomorrows will always be the gift of the present.

It’s always a new beginning. I remember a small middle age man on Venice Beach a few years ago setting up his show next to my free speech displays. His art was to really be in the moment as he would walk on 20’ of broken glass in his bare feet. What made it more unbelievable, is that he would have someone sit on his shoulders as he carefully walked the distance. Before his first step, he would always shout out, ‘ROCK & ROLL’ to pump himself up as well as those watching! Life is always a time to ‘move on’ with an enthusiasm of ‘rock and roll’!


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