Love? Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?❤? 
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 June 13, 2019

Are you ready for love? Love is ALWAYS ready for you! Everyone is always ready for love, but by different definitions. Love is the magic elixir that makes everything happen in harmony. The greatest love is one with no conditions and no expectations. The whole universe works on the principle of love. All the stars and planets are in harmonious position to each other as are the days, nights, tides and seasons. Humans are god’s best choice to reflect the positioning of deepest love expressed on one of those planets – the Earth. 

Love is ready for you, but rarely is the same from most, but for spikes of love between hate, indifference and fear of intimacy. All blocks to self love, where love begins, are from keeping the door of the negative past open, which most cling to, closed and unchanging. Untamed love is like the changing weather that has unpredictable extremes. Life and love reflect what the past brings to the present. Any thing not positive that hasn’t been let go of will always be an obstruction to deep love. Real love is not intellectual or representative of ones success or skills.

Quite the opposite is common. Love can be fickle and not unlike ‘fools gold’ that does not have the value of the real gold except for appearances to the uninformed. Falling in love is ‘fools gold’ that can’t  be counted on for the real thing of rising in love. Love that’s contaminated by unresolved issues is a love that is never meant to be. Fighting voices in your mind that keeps you from knowing who you really are as a complete love being will never go away without putting them to sleep by letting go of the  attachment to them. Love wants to come to you so bad that it gives occasional appearances only to seem to disappear.

Just because you feel love with your other self with a different name and past doesn’t mean it will endure. The fight for liking and loving yourself is only compounded by another with the same predicament. Then learning to ‘tolerate’ unfixed differences results in a hate-indifference-up and down semblance of love. Cheating yourself of love’s daily happening is just a selfish decision to not let go and open your heart. 

A few years ago, I developed a ‘love analysis’ that can be given to anyone willing to look at their ‘love resume’ of experiences that are, at best, ones that will never improve without using the techniques to let more love in while letting the ‘obstructions’ out. Love is hungry for those who are hungry for it and willing to do what’s necessary to open the heart. Hoping drains energy, action increases energy. Of course, opening the heart with someone who doesn’t is a huge obstacle. Open your heart alone, or only with a partner willing and focused on doing the same. Love is the gift of god and the universe.

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