Steps to Nirvana

Steps to Nirvana ?

 June 10, 2019

You are one step away from being more than you’ve ever been! Leave one step of negative limitations behind you, and take a step forward to a more positive you. The ‘stairway to heaven’ is one step at a time. Leave one step behind, then take a new fresh step into a more positive reality. Do it with different aspects of your life. One might be personal relationships, any commitment, bills and money, eating healthier, exercising, even having nice things to say to people. The possibilities are limitless with one step away from a variety of your negatives, and one step forward in any number of opportunities!

Taking giant steps might be too much to feel better about yourself, instead it’s setting you up for an overwhelming plan that sets you back at where you started. A person can not see what his mind is not prepared to accept. Small steps with a variety of things to change is far more practical. For years, I worked out in gyms with barbells. Actually, I was 11 when I started, continued in NYC for 20 years, then Venice Beach and still in Portland, Or. with daily jogging and endurance exercises. 

When working out with ‘barbell equipment’ always there are different exercises to improve  strength and looks to many body parts. Always one step at a time and with  many body parts. The same applies to the variety of aspects of your life. Variety is the spice of life as well as making it easier to do ‘piece work’. It might even be being neater with different aspects of your life. It’s always moving upward and onward. Adding short meditations once or more per day will help the enthusiasm for the ‘steps’.

On a negative but realistic viewpoint regarding the human condition that you can distance yourself more from, consider this seeming truth: We are still predatory primates, which is just another word for saying we are immature humans, who have barely progressed past our infantile ego, and some are still stuck there. Most of us have matured into adolescent awareness of responsible adulthood, which we may or may not reach in this attempt at Civilization.

Always remember – you are sentenced to life here on earth. Everybody gets released! Those with the best behavior (so to speak) take with them those rewards and leave behind great memories and inspiration for those serving their term. Escape from Earth with love in your heart and a path of love for others! Make that step now! The key to overcoming when things fall apart for us, is to continue to follow our hearts, to never stop trying, and to make sure that with the following of our hearts that we continue to believe that things will eventually work out for the best. This is your best chance in millions of past years!

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