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June 5, 2019

(Some insights)
Abortion rights have a simple solution. The correct answer is in love. Politicians play it for votes. Religion, which is needed more than political disingenuousness is also a factor. Another factor is very much poorly and/or uninformed people who are being bantered around by this almost 5 decade old Roe vs Wade decision on women’s rights to control their own life. Another controversy with Roe vs Wade was the questionable reasons why it was passed to control certain questionable aspects of society. The whole ongoing major controversy is dualistic or ‘right vs. wrong’ when it really is neither but a compromise.

One side calls it murder, the other side denies it and says it’s the inalienable right of every female to control decisions made for her own body to the point where a female can, in extreme cases, choose abortion at any time including having a baby born alive. Both sides should ‘lighten up’ on what is more common sense and fair, and yet realize all decisions are not going to be favorites with everyone. Different states have a different collective of attitudes and leaving it up to each state at this point has  value. 

Choosing abortion up to and after birth, unless medical necessity, is too extreme. On the other hand, calling it murder a day after people have sex has no basis in sensibility. People of religion, whom I asked many times, ‘what happens if a little child dies at 5 years or whenever’. Where does he go? Heaven or Hell? Always the answer is Heaven. Then the question is, ‘what about before birth? Surely not Hell. People of religion don’t think of that.

Most females don’t even know they are pregnant for at least 6 weeks! Shouldn’t a female be able to search her own soul for what to do at that point for an immediate decision of action? If it’s murder, shouldn’t those responsible be tried and prosecuted for it, including the woman, doctor, assistant, and anyone who encouraged it?

It makes sense to be against abortion yet with an open mind for the female to make her own choice. Abortion doctors should have strong laws as to what they can do, and if breaking them being tried and prosecuted for not following the law. Allowing organizations and politicians to be domineering without dialog with females collectively to decide for themselves could be called misogynistic. Women have suffered for millenniums under the domination, abuse and control of males. It’s time for a  paradigm shift to continue for women to have freedoms.

Both sides have right thinking, but also not the best for all women. The power of the individual in awareness and positivity always should be a major consideration. Has anyone really answered when the soul enters the body or does it need a particular one? Do souls ever die? Is the body really a temple for the soul, like clothes for a body? Is death an illusion, but only real for the physical. Life is best when we look deep within and question. Love and the deepness of it is being one with the creator. Love is always the answer.


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