Jesus Loves Islam

Jesus Loves?Islam
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 June 8, 2019

The greatest model (even though?) for mankind to more than believe in is in the story of Jesus! ’More than believe in’ means to live in action the qualities attributed to Jesus. Selling the ‘need to believe’ is only a start for those not accepting that only positive, emulating action is not yet their understanding. There are too many ‘rubber stamp’ teflon like Christians who need to go beyond ‘just belief’ in Jesus, but to see that the ‘Christ is within hidden in plain site for access. It’s all up to you not the scriptures or anyone else gathering flocks of people into a building called a church or temple.

God is love; love is God or any other name given to ‘the all powerful’. God is just one of many names given to ‘the One’. Truth is beyond all words. It’s more practical to give the ‘all knowing’ a name. God is good when you drop an ‘o’? Maybe yes maybe no? In some traditions, sounds or symbols are also used. It’s always good to remember that most all names were ‘male given’ for their ‘ego’ – self importance.

 Casting dispersions, whether on those believing in the sanctity of Jesus, or against  those who have doubts is not the way of good judgment or compassion. We each garner what we deserve or are open to receive. Much since the advent of the internet has been researched and written from a credible, objective viewpoint in the last few years. There are excellent ‘source books’ available on this research. 

However, before throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it needs be considered that the bible has much wisdom and otherwise historical information. Even if Jesus wasn’t but an enriching, compassionate story, his being an ‘archetype’ is an example and message for all humankind to know that the story of Jesus is an inspiration for all humankind in making it a better, more loving world. My best friend and soul sister Acharya S (DM Murdock) is the author of 7 books while being the only mythicist able to translate ancient Greek for a more total perspective of those times. Putting it into a positive perspective and understood, it is all good news. 

My continuing perspective on God is: 1-there is no God; 2-there is a God; 3-both are false. No one can define the ‘multi-named force’ that gives continuing life. Love in its deepest sense is that which is best to understand ‘God’. Be in harmony with life and love. If any member of a religion wants to turn a blind eye to the facts researched on religions origin, that is their right to ‘believe’. Knowing beyond belief is mind/belief shattering, nor is the average person in religions likely to experience that. Religions are important at this time for the hopes, salvation and safety net for billions who are ‘where they are’ in life. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not wise … but those with a more open mind for seeking the truths should. Wisdom is in all religions, but also are fictions and unnecessary ancient dictums. The God that can be conceived of is not the real God! Follow your heart!

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