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 May 29, 2019

There is a voice, a ‘presence’ everywhere that allows things to happen which defies all odds as being timely with another phenomenon. Life is filled with mysteries that seem to be endless puzzles. Those who are blessed with using their ability to be in their heart with an acute psychic like awareness will see and feel what most do not. More than ‘coincidental’ happenings are confirmations that an invisible spiritual force is connecting to us, and with a message or just to let the aware know that there are, shall we say ‘angels’ watching us who you allow to connect.

Synchronicitous moments are a consistent part of life if you’re open with awareness of when they occur. Many are small, and hardly perceptible to the person not in tune with seeing them. Sometimes they come when all hope seems to be lost of having an event happening. In fact, seconds after writing this, my ad for a room being available to rent, met with a ringing phone call as I completed the last sentence. Small but seemingly synchronicitous. I have so many it’s hard to put them into words.

At this moment, I recall several years ago, on a warm day in Port Townsend, Wa., where  I mentioned to a friend at my ‘free speech display’ that I could use some ice-cream. Within minutes a woman came up and offered to buy me some ice cream. About 20 years ago on a nice Thanksgiving day, doing free speech on the Venice Beach boardwalk,  a pretty woman suddenly was standing across from my table. I couldn’t get her out of my mind for a couple of months. 5 months passed where on Mother’s day after I’d spent 1/2 an hour relating to a male friend how putting an image in his mind of meeting the right girl. No more than 10 minutes later that girl from Thanksgiving was standing in the same spot. I had forgotten about her, but within seconds it all came back in memory. That was over 20 years ago. Circumstances in her life changed after a year of electrik communication of many synchronicitous moments between us. She disappeared to a midwest state for a few years when suddenly we were in touch. She was moving to the same small tourist town I was in, and not just because I was there. When she was a child in Santa Monica she had a casual friend that was also in my town who I had befriended months before on social media. They married and we still are special friends. During our year time in Venice strange coincidences were always a moment away her that defied logic.

Talking to many people about psychic happenings, most had little that they could recall. When a loved one passes, you can be in tune with ‘connections’ that only have to have been influenced by them. My best friend who wrote research books on the myths of religion, especially Christianity, passed on Christmas Day 2015. Her next birthday was on Easter Sunday 3 months later! Strange for what she wrote about. As I write, another one comes to mind when I was at UCLA Medical in Los Angeles for a ‘brain surgery’ when after days there, the ‘Brain Surgeon’ said they would operate the next day. I was aghast, as it was on one superstitious day that happens every 100 years, June 6, 06 or 666 the number of the ‘Beast’, and the operation procedure was 13 hours! Through the whole 3 weeks there, no pain was felt.

Be open with all are conduits for the unexplainable. It’s like magic, but supports that there is an energy we could call God that has an invisible hand reaching out to the open. I could fill books with the synchronicitous moments. You can too by being more in your heart with awareness.

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