Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda ⏰ 
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May 23, 2019

Oh my god (!), I shoulda done this or said that while coming up with a better answer or response … I coulda if I had a second chance! Life is a journey of missing opportunities that we all shoulda grabbed hold of before they disappeared into the past. Paying attention, often called awareness, is a major key to life as any living specie well knows by instinct as we as humans do, but unlike all living creatures, we have a mind/brain that can make choices that are good or bad. 

We are faced with an Idiocracy – our society has become dumb and numb through apathy and distractions adding up to ‘just too busy’ to really see what’s going on and how to make a difference. Life spins by while an adaption to the needs of everyone doing something to make a difference in this fast changing technological and information era is mostly ignored. The most overlooked personal quality today is that we are all potentially superconscious beings, but it’s up to each person to open up the heart and mind. 

The key is to change yourself back into consciousness then from the anointing of god, it can lead to a superconscious being. The old man is gone, but it’s not easy to convince the billions that we are in a new era where we need to learn from the past, but to let it go, and climb up to the new being that awaits within. Imagine getting this information in the last days of your life of   struggle and being the old human not ‘being’ what you ‘coulda and shoulda’ allowed if you only ‘woulda’. 

It’s graduation time for your PhD in life and love. Focus on your best in your head and heart. It’s permanent once you do it, and all the information and tools are available. Not necessary to smoke out, pill out, or drunk out to cover up what needs to be let go of to clear the windows of perception. Always a day late and a dollar short needs to stop right now, right here in this moment. 

Follow your heart where it’s calling on you. Don’t you say I coulda, woulda, shoulda, that you didn’t do that. Give love a shot and show it with everything you’ve got. In love, there is no holding back, it’s the nirvana you seek. Call it God’s gift, and just maybe it’s where you will meet god when two become one. Believe it until you know it! Don’t wait too long! Don’t one day say to yourself too late, ‘I coulda been smarter’. Use your head and open heart, let go of the negatives of the past. Don’t be on the outside just looking in. Be on the inside feeling the inside, and then looking outside with love’s blessings inside. The question is – ‘Didya’!?
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