Happiness the Truth?

?Happiness the Truth?
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May 26, 2019

Is happy kinda ‘sappy’? Who doesn’t want to say they are happy, at least in normal times or conditions? Millions need to get drunk, stoned, or some form of self reward to claim they are happy. Is happiness a delusion for those that are living in a bubble of self deception, and maybe that’s alright? Most ‘coverup’ and put in mind closets what they really don’t and think they can’t deal with. Of course, that becomes a type of poison that conditions your everyday behavior. Even if you’ve had a near perfect childhood, let alone far less for most, there are infinite things to learn for a better quality and more real ‘Happy’.

Be excited that you are the script writer, the caster, location manager, and all director, as well as the producer to whatever lies before you today. Be the audience too, and examine what you did and what changes you coulda, shoulda, and will do the next moment day! Within limits by existence/the Almighty, you are at the helm of your ship. 

Life holds the lock and you hold the key! Few are ready for love except, at best, glances or snippets. My experience is that 95% or more are not prepared to love someone with all their heart. Most do  experience enough love to ‘get by’ and sadly never do the ‘letting go’ of  wounds and misperceptions of love to meet the grade. Living your life ‘thinking’ you can be this or that is dreaming and putting a roadblock to what’s necessary. Being able to say you love God or love another adult as a god would is possible and not an ‘impossible dream’, but you have to be ready, and then in a position and circumstance to fulfill it.

First required is to love yourself or be clear minded enough to find it on your own through meditation or with a partner who is likewise open hearted with little past baggage. It is not an intellectual pursuit. In fact, being intellectual is a barrier. Love is a mystery as is god. It must be found with an open heart. Those who grew up with loving parental experiences are at love’s door with just a little push. To worship the invisible god and not being able to love yourself or another equal to you, is better than many other paths, but is like going to college and dropping out the first year yet thinking that could pass for a four year degree. 

There is an unspoken law of life that we get what we are ready for, and that doesn’t mean wishful thinking that all you have to do is reach the unreachable by the mind alone. There are steps forward as well as letting go of negative steps you took to arrive where you are now. When you walk, talk, and feel love, you have arrived at the door to see if that is true. Life is like a smorgasbord of hot and cold experiences coupled with delicious hors d’oeuvres, and yet unpleasant experiences, etc. Love converts everything to love.

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