Body, Mind, Soulmates

Body, Mind, Soulmates?
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May 1, 2019

There’s a new song called, ‘I’m in love with your body’.  Kind of discriminatory since that might not apply to all but a minority. I see people, especially females passing by my free speech display every day, who seem like nice people, but not ones who depend on others to like them for their body. In love with someone’s body-mind is a little better, but…? Tell yourself something about that limitation in your perception, seeking love with all the wrong and/or missing inner qualifications.

Deep love is a one way street that is far beyond the outer or the friendly personality that hides character flaws which stay that way until two try to become one. Love is usually flawed from the start, and especially as time goes on if two people don’t merge with all the love possible. Integrity, trust, empathy, compassion become more than a mental exercise but akin to the DNA of two people who really are in love.

Body mating and even mind mating leaves out the most important ingredient. For lack of a better phrase, it’s soul mating which if done well is a letting go of all negatives that contribute to a fear of intimacy. Use of the words ‘soul mates’ doesn’t take into account that before that, in all but a very rare cases, comes mating of two peoples inner being as one. Where ever you go, though life and death of the body, true souls mates are always connected.

Once on a warm summer, starry evening in Santa Monica, California, my partner and I were strolling on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean when she looked at me, and said what I’ll never forget, ‘’I’ve always been with you even though I may change names and bodies, it’s always me!’’ It feels true, and you are always with yourself if you can feel who you are beyond the outer ‘dressings’.

You will get your comeuppance fate that ultimately you choose in this life. That is either punishment, desert, nirvana within or hell that, at best is for most people, far less than a heaven within or a constant hell but a ‘cocktail’ of the two that is like roses one moment and stuck in a foul swamp later. Inner peace doesn’t mean that all challenges disappear but with the heart vulnerable and open, love has a way of shining through the clouds. Two people who have that ‘inner peace’ do meet, albeit rare, or at least two people can focus on making their main purpose in being together to find the deepest love possible (soul mating). The greatest meditation is two real, open souls in one union. Not a fantasy!


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