Numbing Yourself

Numbing Yourself

April 27, 2019 

 Why be just a number by numbing yourself? You need good eyesight to see good; good hearing to hear best; good smell to smell best, and so much more is required of you to function with all senses. Forever, humans have ‘numbed themselves down’ to avoid dealing with past memories that have shaped their lives forever. Numbing can be ok – the dentist does it for you. However, numbing can be dumbing down what you need to see and experience with the best clarity. Why just say, ‘I don’t care’ and then ignore that the script of your life is being discolored because you’ve taken the lazy, irresponsible way out! 

We’ve all changed the station in our minds or heart by will, unconsciously or consciously by a technique of ‘denial’, maybe putting off what we had best face head on. You may burry your head in anything that detracts from unwanted thoughts or experiences which are painful. Many become habitual addicts of drugs or alcohol, all of which give a temporary ‘vacation’ from the past or avoiding what needs to be addressed in the moment. 

It’s amazing how intellect can become so embedded with negative skewered answers that dominate and  corrupt intelligence to see their fallacy. The mind can numb itself as well as the heart and your general life. Also a heart closed, overly guarded, numbed or left in the dark closet gathering dust is also numbed. Strangely, one living from the intellect can  become addicted to everything in one’s personal life to have an intellectual answer, and often one that serves the greedy, false self. The mind with out a fully operating heart is ugly. 

Numb is dumb! Open mind and open heart need a healthy life of letting go, turning all negatives into the best of choices for a better happening. Seems a significant portion of the population wear their numbing of how they look, act, dress and every way imaginable. Numbing is slowly and silently accumulative, much like digging a hole for yourself that darkens everyday life. 

Fear of being the real you and giving up what you’ve allowed others to define you as is a numbing process that is akin to a prison. Knowing that the only permanent thing in life is ‘change’, accept that you are ‘the you’ that you see year after year. Focus on stopping letting others define who you are, and accepting that in a numbing way. Intentional suffering is a spiritual path, and many unconsciously are on that path. Try becoming more conscious, aware, paying attention to all aspects of your life and making positive changes. There are infinite meditation techniques. Take the time to find a couple that you find attractive. Set aside time and space several times a week to be alone allowing the techniques to positively alter you mentally and emotionally. More bliss and joy will become your friends!

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