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April 24, 2019

Life’s great secret is agreements. Not keeping them is to inflame them into ‘agreementitus! One of symptoms is lying. The same as not keeping agreements. On a personal level, the failure to keep agreements is an indication of selfishness to others. Once we have reached the age of puberty, which is 11-15, responsibility kicks in more and more, when making and keeping promises is key to a smoother life of integrity appreciation. Always make positive well thought out agreements with yourself alone, especially with habits that are bad ones which can be replaced by good ones. In your beginning, agreements were always made to feed and care for you before you knew how to make them for yourself. 

Life is about agreements on a practical level even if the thought escapes you. Positive agreements with yourself  translates to making them with others with integrity. Everything makes agreements like day and night, the seasons or the arrangement of the stars in the sky so you can always know where a particular constellation will be should you depend on them for direction. Agreements are dependable in all  aspects of life. 

You are the choreography or architect of your life that requires agreements for growth. Living a life of misery, perhaps with substance abuse, and always making agreements with yourself to quit the harmful habits, but failing to keep the agreements and throwing them to the wind is ‘agreementitus’. You have it all in this life, and if you don’t think so, give that beautiful angel hidden inside you some tender care, for it has made an agreement with you to wait and wait for you, in hopes that you will see and realize that your inner angel, and connecting harmoniously is ‘having it all’.

Doesn’t matter if you believe in god or not, life and it’s expressions of love and it’s harmoniously positioning for greatest results is an unseen force that is there beyond belief or any description of god or none you may have. Time to get out of your ego and intellect, or feeling and agree to create a relationship with life that benefits you, others and life. It’s always ‘payback’ time for the wonders you have experienced or have yet to experience.

Agreements are like a ‘bank account’. Having deposited many you can withdraw the positive energy of good deeds when needed. There is an invisible bank account hidden somewhere and also one inside your head and heart. YOU have the secret key! Just let go, open your heart and the energy of love’s protection and blissfulness will always be  more there than ever before.Take a deep breath, in and out for 5 minutes with eyes shut, and you’ll get a glimpse of what can be if you do more. Be a farmer – keep the ‘agree-culture’ commitments and life gets better!

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