Jesus Isn’t Enuf?

Jesus Isn’t Enuf??

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April 19, 2019

Loving Jesus is god’s wish. If that feels good enough for you, why look further? There is no such thing as too much love. Love wants reciprocation. If Jesus loves you with all his heart and mind, why wouldn’t you do the same in return? Time to drop judgments on Jesus and see him as the best energy and light of anyone on earth… regardless whether he’s an archetype story or the real truth. Is there a better model of ‘in god’s image’ than him?

HOWEVER, are you not broken? Are you an example of god’s best construction of a being of light? Talking the highest talk without questioning if it is, is presumptuous. Walking your best talk is better than talking it. Question who you are, and ask yourself if you have the deepest inner self love possible. Loving Jesus and not loving yourself, or at least enough, has hypocrisy within it. Thinking Jesus loves you, no matter what, is ok if that works for you, but not loving yourself and saying you love a 2000 year old son of God with all your heart and mind is a bit of a stretch.

Loving Jesus whether an archetype story, or the real son of god requires a deep love of self. Loving what you ‘believe’ doesn’t really ‘pass mustard’. If you have to ‘believe’ your wife or   husband loves you, it also implies doubt. When there is no doubt and even beyond having to assert ‘you know’, what’s the point? No one of sound mind says they know the air or believe in it. Believing is a step, but not ultimate the thing. That being said, belief may be necessary, and the best choice. (hope that makes sense).

Many go around telling people they believe in this or that, and even without anyone’s interest in the belief. Some call that proselytizing or ‘pushing’ beliefs where even you have ‘secret’ doubts about it. Language can become a prison from finding the truth, or just knowing. All questions of love reside in you and your openness to receive and give in harmony with another.

 Admitting you are short on ‘love of inner self’ is a courageous step somewhat akin to admitting you don’t know much or enough on any given subject. It’s ok to believe that a Jesus loves you, but why shortchange self love, and have no example of having more than unconditional, overwhelming love for anyone else? People treat love as a little more than a word. Love doesn’t have problems that don’t come with solutions that eliminate all problems. Love is in the air, and love ‘is the air’. Someone figured that out thousands of years ago, and hence later called meditation. Meditation converts the air into love and more love. Loving Jesus is walking the highest talk and thoughts of love. Why wouldn’t Jesus do the same? Love your belief, but question with love, and not the questioning that leaves you  spinning in a sense of losing touch with godliness. To be ‘saved’ is to be filled with love.Arhata~

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