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 March 11, 2019

Communication is to commune with openness and heartfelt energy to another who you are in some arrangement of agreements. To commune is to show loving respect. Communication is a major pillar of being spiritual and conscious. Not communicating, or poorly so, is to put up selfish barriers to protect the undeveloped mind and heart. Relationships of any kind need communication. Love relationships to reach the pinnacles of love need complete communication for the healthiest bonding.

It’s perfectly ok to not being able to communicate on any number of subjects that another is well informed on, and your not really wanting to know more. Always be aware as one who is the initiator of a subject that the listener is interested. So many people ramble on about a movie they’ve seen or some situation or phenomenon that the listener has no interest in but only making it difficult to politely back out. The initiator of unwanted information, which is not ‘communication’, but creating a ‘communi-gate’ or wall to otherwise flowing listening and conversation. In a way, it’s like in a romance – you want to be certain the other is open to any advances. Unwanted verbal chatter is an invasive intrusion of a person’s personal space. We all need to develop sensitivity or empathy is in tune  with the other person’s willingness to engage.

Some sources of information such as religions, are a mental disorder or better put it is ‘presented in a way that it becomes a mental disorder. All religions are like ‘bullock carts’, decaying from abuse, misinterpretation, inflexibility, and general confusion with messages corrupted by poor communication. Further exasperation is done by followers who proselytize unwanted information. Well communicated, religion to a welcoming and listening soul is wonderful. 

Most are not ready to hear blathering that hasn’t been invited in to welcomely digest. Everyone has words and pictures floating in their heads incessantly, even when sleeping as dreams of nightmares. The mind that is attached to negative accumulated happenings, especially those with traumatic implications, is an open wounded mind for them spilling over to whomever within earshot. Meditation allows the mind to empty and detach from negatives.

Communication from a positive space of the heart and mind creates a harmonious positioning experience that moves life in a smooth flow, be it verbally or from actions. Silence can be golden, or on the other end a communi-gation that results in a possible negative reaction that can caste ill feelings unnecessarily. Always be open to positive information as well as being able to transpose unwanted information to the highest of choices that are available.Arhata~

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  1. Are all religions simply corrupted by poor communication? Is “well communicated” religion wonderful? Nothing can improve lies however sweet they put it.
    Meditation make things clear. No priests are required for anyone to meditate.

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