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 March 9, 2019

Love glows from the heart, filling one’s life with a beauty that can only be experienced. Nothing compares with the ecstasy of seeing a newborn child, feeling deep emotions for someone else’s story, or experiencing the all consuming tender feelings of being deeply in love with another. Whether light mental thoughts or feelings, or the full body rushing of a reverberating, divine energy feeling, there is nothing like love. When love hits, it’s like a bolt of lightning that keeps endlessly nourishing the spirit. The world seems to disappear when love in whatever form fills you and the air of the world. 

Don’t just live inside a dream, live out in your dreams as much as possible. In between a dream and a nightmare is still illusion. Live with awareness and discernment in a direction that fulfills dreams rather than taking things as they come with no plan for a miracle of a better life and love. Why live in self defeat with self deception? Plan your life for a miracle. Expecting little preparation for unplanned luck of finding love is good for attracting it, is but for losers if that’s your only plan.

Because people around the world tend to see things from different viewpoints does not mean that love  isn’t for everyone. There is a universal morality found where ever you go, such as do good, not harm to yourself, or others. Go towards the best, not the worst, seek the positive, not the negative. The opinions of how for each can differ, but the purpose of the morality remains the same. Searching for an answer  when ill prepared and just waiting on love can be fruitless.  Better to not waste any more time. The finest eloquence is that which gets things done. Time to turn the inner lights up and see who you really are! The energy of love is fragile but as powerful as the mysteries of the universe. 

Finding love begins with loving yourself, giving and yet being able to receive. Deal with it using the best choices you can come up with, and if nothing, just be in the moment knowing it too will change.  Be the witness. Darkness is part of the light. We all have a ‘built it’ invisible ‘dimmer switch’ that will ultimately work when the best choices of better circumstances and attitudes are realized. Paying attention in awareness is one of the most important skills you can have. Listen and pay attention for a major impact of positivities for the quality of your life’s many challenges. Pay attention for more information, and to understand. Enlightenment is to know you are the dimmer switch and in control, even  if it’s to let go of the controls and accept the divine energy of light that’s hidden in plain sight. When your moments are filled with love energy, it’s you who you are really loving!

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