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Yesterday GONE!?⏰

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 February 26, 2019

TODAY is gone and tomorrow is only an illusion! The ‘outward’, in these technologically advancing times, is outpacing the inward faster than the ‘speed of light’! The inward is where your ways and habits are stored. We as humans have been traveling though space at the same speed for millions of years with ‘survival’ as the main priority. In this fast flowing assembly line of new inventions, coupled with more and more things to do that occupy human attention, survival has been all but forgotten except as something more ignored than ever before. 

Life is like a candle in the wind, however we have a major problem! With no controls, technological developments keep happening, and with some of them adding to the mixture of daily life that kills people without them knowing it. Many developments are unnecessary – like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, it is part of what kills you earlier than if it wasn’t happening. We live in a NEW WORLD where people have to take time to get informed, and then be part of spurning that which contributes to an earlier death cocktail, and than raising their voice against runaway technology. Unrestricted technology is our enemy that will destroy  all humanity unless ‘put in check’. That ‘check’ happens when the silent citizens wake up and say ‘ENOUGH’!

All you need is a miracle, and that miracle is that you’re here. Where you are going is a mystery too regardless of the notions that cross your mind including nowhere’. Death is as much of a mystery as how or why we got here beyond the obvious. Always come back to the ‘here and now’, and to the moment. The ordinary view of time is like a flowing river. That which has passed is yesterday or the past. That which is flowing in front of you is perceived as now and that which is going to pass is the future.

Time is static. You are always changing from birth, youth, elderly, and death to beyond. Because you can’t conceive of the subtle changes in your aging, you project it with ‘time’. Time is outside of you, but is to be used as a practical matter to deal with the outer wants and necessities. Inside of you is ‘no time’. Love transcends all time even death. Love is stronger than death. Love is like a fire that burns forever.  A rich man by the name of Malcolm Forbes once said,  ‘He who dies with the most toys wins’. It’s been popularly changed to ‘he who dies with the most toys loses’! The real truth is, ‘one who dies with the most love inside is a blessing to themselves and all connected to them’.Arhata~

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