Belief, Faith, Trust, Doubt

Belief, Faith, Trust, Doubt.

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                                                                                                     December 16, 2011
‘The little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head on the hay’ – millions listen on radio stations all over the land to this and many other Christmas songs including biblical ones, for a month every year.  Imagination can be wonderful … for kids! For adults, too but with common sense and intelligent validation.

Yesterday I ran into a friend who was returning from shopping at a local food market where, to his surprise, he was charged three times over the stated amount for a product. He was adamant that you can’t trust any cashier. I then mentioned that where ever belief, faith, or trust is wether required or assumed, never assume it to be something that doesn’t require questioning for veracity. Shopping markets, politicians, salesmen, promises, religion writings, or the weather need a sense of doubt. Knowing in it’s pure sense is above all the ‘assumptions’!

The ‘wise’ focus on ‘knowing’, and acknowledge all else as being imagination, superstition, and subjective perception. Frequently, I am asked what I believe in, and always I clarify that beliefs also mean you doubt or it wouldn’t be a belief. Beliefs, faith, or trust are useful aspects of all moving creatures, even without words, but ‘knowing’ is on a much higher level. Sometimes those three are like a bridge to an absolute ‘knowing’, but why be stuck on the bridge of purported knowledge? ‘Maybe’ is a gamblers game where the stakes can be too high as it may mean missing authentic seeing and knowing.

To believe that someone loves you, or you them is not enough but for a conditional circumstance that is like the passing clouds in the sky. They may not be there as same tomorrow, but no matter how much they cover the sun, the sun is always there somewhere. At night, clouds or not, the stars will be there life time after life time. The ‘real’ is not a gamble or conjecture. Believing, having faith, and trusting always have a ‘trap door’, or in the best of cases, ‘truth hidden in plain site’ for the unfogged insight.

The three choices of gambling all have ‘veils hiding the truth’. Guessing, because you have been convinced or taught by another who is likely guessing, is to be part of the world that lives on fairy tales. Fairy tales work better than thinking only the negative, but close the windows on the light of truth. It’s always time to see beyond what we trust, believe or have faith in. Real love stands by itself without any element of uncertainty regardless of circumstances, and needs no crutches to ascertain its truth.

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