God in a Box

God in a Box

 January 31, 2019

God is like a box of chocolates. Ask someone what God is and you never know what answer you’re going to get including one that says there is no God. Then there is the blind philosopher who was looking for a black cat one dark night in a dark house with no windows for a black cat that was not there. Looking for God is futile as with this blind philosopher. It is like looking for the air. It’s not a requirement as it’s a choiceness choice, but the fool can make a choice to try and prove the air or God is not there. 

God gives ‘free will’ and the choice to deny, and yet you are wasting your time trying to deny what you cannot define! Take a deep breath slowly. In fact take a few like that and enjoy. Each breath is the air and all that allows it. Doesn’t matter if you call it God or ‘nothing’. It’s there. No one can define God so why worry about your belief – it’s taken care of with no input from you as a choice less choice so why make a choice. Accept the unexplainable magic.

Who invented the word God? Does it matter? Let it go. If you’re wrong about there being none  of that ‘word’ and there is, you could be in trouble. What’s the problem with just breathing, opening your heart always and to life,  call it God if you like, God will take care of things as they should be apart from you believing or not, or just accepting the ‘present’. Don’t worry about the ‘son of God’ maybe it got spelled wrong and is ‘the sun of god’. After all, take that ‘sun’ away and there is nothing as you know it, and even less.

Don’t worry or be puzzled where the word came from. Maybe a secret to life is to do ’good’ and somehow an ‘o’ got dropped and it became ‘god’. Who knows? Accept … particularly since you have accepted so many illusions anyway! Fill your heart with love, and you’ll see the truth.

Nothing to do with any religion either. Although that’s not to condemn them. Accept that ‘man’s best friend is not a cat, but god’s name backward. Nice of someone to do that. Appreciate the mysteries of life. Let go of the mind to try and figure them out. No one can figure out love with the mind. Forget about the mind capable of putting a definition to the word ‘God’. Meditate, and you already do, but likely not the right way. Accept ‘prayer’ as the affirmation of the positive…and more. Accept the blessings that fill opportunities even in the most challenging moments. Be free, for this whole ‘thing’ you live is – get out of the box and let go the mind!


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  1. Dear Arhata
    You mentioned the word ‘accept’ seven times in here. I tried to grasp the meaning each time you used this word because it seems to be the core message, and not God.
    I totally agree with “Accept the unexplainable magic”. Doesn’t matter how you call it. If you can’t even define it and you breathe it, the wisest thing is to accept it.
    Amazing how you pun on the words: “Maybe a secret to life is to do ’good’ and somehow an ‘o’ got dropped and it became ‘god’.” A nice point. When you say ‘my goodness’, you don’t mean goodness, do you?
    This line: “Accept …particularly since you have accepted so many illusions anyway!” is a no-go for me, sorry. Not an excuse to accept another illusion on top. I can accept something as an assumption, but not as an illusion. Rather get rid of them all.
    Arhata, I may seem stubborn, but unless I see or breathe it, I wouldn’t call the mysteries of life any names. Seeing is believing. You say ‘God’ and next moment pops up a priest to preach fictions of sorts. You say ‘prayer’ and you find yourself down on your knees begging for miracles. Unless we see the truth, let’s remain blind seekers looking for the black cat in the pitch-dark room. At least it is honest, isn’t it?

  2. Alok
    Always remember, thoughts are to ‘provoke thinking’ and not just agreeing with. What the writer says and what the perceiver sees may or may not merge. Some things won’t ‘click’ and who knows for what reason. Always I put in a shadow of humor too that may or may not be seen

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