Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings
December 9, 2018
You can ‘count on it’ that there are infinite blessings to pick from when the clouds of darkness dim your lights. No point in driving with no lights even when there are lights all around you, they will only help you to see some of what’s in the moment while creating dangers that only the light from you can see. 

Why be a slave to self defeating emotions and thoughts when with a little effort you can be free. Not that the negative can be canceled, or should be immediately, as there may be a hidden lessons forthcoming that can only be seen when the time is right. 

Be thankful for pain, suffering, old age, death, and all difficult situations because these are creating the situation for you to search for answers and the truth. Only because people are so unaware and asleep, they cannot see how simple it is to be just a little aware, and then you can see you are changing every moment, while not necessary to stay attached to the negative. Transform your mind from negative to positive by looking at the positive in everything without ignoring the negative. Never give up, you are more valuable to life potentially than you give yourself credit for.
 Do this 6 to 7 minute meditation everyday for a month to make you very aware of counting your blessings. I can say from experience, it works! Stand, sit or lie down, and begin taking deep breaths from the bottom of your belly, then let it rise to where you can no longer breath more.  Very slowly, in a circle of reaching the limit of breathing both up and down. With your eyes shut, add one more important thing! With mouth closed and breathing , say to your self, ‘I am counting my blessings, I am moving deeper and deeper into counting all blessings available. I’m moving deeper and deeper into counting my blessings. I’m counting my blessings. Keep repeating, with slight variations in what’s said while the focus is on ‘counting blessings’. Only stop for a second, reversing the breathing – breath totally and then totally empty the breath. 

Upon arising every morning in your sleepiness, a new world is before you! Take a few moments to begin paying tribute to all the positive things starting with your waking up, being thankful that you’ve come this far despite negative challenges. Start being thankful for the infinite things that are in your life that make it better. Are you excited most everyday you awaken? It’s a great sign of feeling blessed by you life. ‘Happy’ is fine but too complacent, and what most want to say they are. Be excited, or better said, feel excited as you climb into the days blessings. Mostly be thankful from the heart at all the wonders that are here in the moment at this evolving enlightened time in history. Fill your cup with blessings and gratefulness!
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