Jesus is YOU!

Jesus is YOU!
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 November 27, 2018
On a clear nite, in the dark sky is a bright star, the brightest star in the sky. That is the ‘Christ Star’, surrounded by smaller less visible stars. Those barely visible stars are representative of billions of people. The ‘Christ Star’ is representative of the 2nd Coming that was the promise of Jesus a few short star years ago. Millions are ‘believers’, millions are naysayers, billions have not yet heard the message of the ‘Christ Star’ whether believers, agnostics, atheist, or those who have not been touched by the Christ energy. Everyone can take the journey to the ‘Christ Star’ whatever name they choose to give it. 

Whether one ‘believes’, or has accepted Jesus as an archetype of the example of a superconscious being, or ‘god’s only begotten son’ that walked the Earth to offer all to be ‘saved’, life comes down to deeply loving yourself to be able  to love anyone deeply, including who you can’t see. No one on earth today has seen the ‘real jesus’ in the flesh other than an apparition regardless of some claims. All images seen are man’s creation. No one has ever seen ‘god’, for god is not a person. This does not mean Jesus or the perception of god can’t be loved.
Anything less than consistently having the inner feeling that you are filled with love leaves you conflicted with the love within you available and instead where you have chosen to settle for incomplete love energy. Part way is part way in anything, be it trust, compassion, empathy, kindness, common sense or the big one, ‘love’. Unless you can with full truth (and of course why should truth be any different) look in the mirror and see that the invisible love has no gaps, you still have not yet become ‘the SECOND COMING’.

The second coming is a spiritual ‘koan truth’ that is universally misinterpreted as It’s all up to ‘Jesus’ coming back as in the ‘return of the messiah’, used like in Hollywood movies. Clearly if that was the case, no-one would know him by another name he would use anyway. Also he would have to stay ‘hidden’ from all media. The real meaning of the ‘second coming’ to happen is for it to happen globally when the world is on the precipice of destruction as it now is, but is ‘saved’ by millions and more waking up. That amount is as many as is necessary ‘waking up spiritually’, and walking the earth into a risen to love-lightened being. Humanity then has a chance to be ‘saved’ collectively. You can personally be that ‘second coming’!

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