Spiritual Ego Bullshit

Spiritual Ego  BullshitInline image

 NOVEMBER 17, 2018
You are a spiritual being, yet accepting the illusion that you are just a physical being, ignoring the higher quality vibrations that are meant to be better enhanced in a physical body is to miss reality. Be open and curious about deeper levels of understanding. Never stop questioning as your views change. There are ‘beliefs’ that especially need to be questioned such as with religions. A main one is that you need to eliminate the ego of the ‘I’.

People see things through their conditioning. The eyes and mind are filtered to see how they see themselves with few exceptions. Personal aggrandizement can be a factor to determine how the mind and eyes see things. The ego is your friend – nurture it! It seems, especially in so called spiritual circles, that the ego needs to be rooted out as if it’s evil. That places you in a position of being at war with yourself. The ‘ego haters’ think they know – they don’t! This attitude is toxic creating a sense of guilt, and a feeling of being trapped in a hopeless predicament. 

You do not need to ascend beyond your real identity, but let go of what obstructs it. No need to drop the ego to be a genuinely ‘good or enlightened’ person. This sounds suspiciously like a reformulation of Christianity’s ‘original sin’ narrative. No need to waste time eradicating the ego, for it is your individuality. Instead accept it, seek to own it, and  with others, while making it one you self examine for how to be as positive as possible with empathy, love, compassion, humbleness, and all positive qualities. Detach through right use of will to replace bad habits with good ones. Meditation will help all detachment from negatives. You have been given the abilities to  create the most conscious, loving you. Consider that a strong ego filled with all positive characteristics will reveal in what you seek which is the inner enlightened you. Seek honesty and truthfulness, and do not fear listening to others in what you need to know to be the best you. Let go of being stuck with inner hurts that will always limit your love of self and another.

Knowing you are fine just as you are does not preclude the possibility of continuing to learn, grow and walk in a healthier and more meaningful path. Befriend your ego. Train it through good habits of body and mind.

Live life as if it’s the first and last experience you’ll have, always moving to more positive and greater heights for each experience and encounter. See, talk, think, and feel with your heart. Mental self narcissistic puffing is really unenlightened fumes that ironically block growth and openness of the heart. Your innocence is godly! 

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