Respect Your Husband

Respect your Husband
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October 19,2018
If you don’t know where you are, how do you know where you are going? It’s a form of cognitive dissonance. Love is a simple thing made complicated by people who don’t have all their screws tightened on it. Loving deeply is as easy as normal breathing … but, not everyone breaths normally. Love is a ‘bitch’ if plugged up unless, well … unplugged or letting go of what’s plugging the ‘dam to love’. The male is the leader of the spiritual and emotional …uh….and if not, not a good choice for the woman if she wants more than mundane or ‘material girl’ with varying forms of abuse all her life.

If the woman has a relationship with a man less evolved emotionally/spiritually than her (and she may have a gap between where she can be in self love and where she is anyway) nothing much is going to happen to make the bells chime in happiness try as you may.  

Love does not require respect unless your communication level needs repairing. Love doesn’t require trust if it’s deep love – it’s beyond trust. Chances are excellent that what you’ve ‘garnered’ about love is passed down information that only partially works, and was from, as well as for, another time in life’s cycle. Love of self and another that is smooth and consistent is for the new woman and man. The ‘old’ barely worked, just look  at most of the ‘same old, same old. of the world’s crazy condition in the early 21st century. It’s time to throw out most of what you’ve learned about love that isn’t as easy as smooth breathing. 

Time flies and one day sooner than you think, you will be left with loving your pets for the need of reciprocity. Still love of self, although hidden from most, is best. Loving gardening while not gardening your inner being does little for what opportunity you’ve been blessed with. Seek and hopefully, you will find what you already have, just like looking for your breath when you already have it. Sleep is meditation. If you’re not typically sleeping well … there’s a major problem for love beyond the superficial. The breath of love is not a fantasy unless you’re like the most deluded person in the ‘normal world’ – the bride to be. Of course, with right thinking and preparation, it’s not a delusion.

Life is but a dream, but why not make it a dream come true whether than leave it up to the DNA of the dark challenging years of the past. There is no tomorrow, it’s all today … forever. Be free and know that deep love is a freedom that is hidden in plain sight  …. within. All you have to do is watch where you walk into, and only walk toward love there, or with someone who is doing the same thing. When the bird gets born, the egg must die.

Posted by: Arhata Osho <>

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