Facing Your Fears

Facing Your Fears

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October 3, 2018
Be thankful that you are able to have fears! Many fears are practical for all living animals. A small baby has no fear to go out into the street, but everyone else seeing it does! Some fears are ‘practical’! Fears are to protect what you are not ready to experience. The question is, is it one from a traumatic previous experience, or maybe a fear of some rejection. Where there is smoke there may be fire, or perhaps no need to fear?! Fear is a lack of confidence in things turning out fine. Fear is of the unknown which may be a positive reaction, or one of lack of self confidence. 

Negative emotions are real and can be good. They are there to remind you to accept them with positivity and/or to transform you and your perception of the reality. Let them become more and more positive and a moment will come when all negativity and positivity disappears, and you are left with authenticity. Don’t assume to know what is good or bad, but just be authentic. Be open to see them as a guide to move out of the fear. 
Here is a technique method to help let go of unwanted fears:

(Do for 40 minutes several times a week for a month.)

STEP 1 – Imagine the worst – 15 minutes
  Sit in the dark and for the first few minutes think of all kinds of horrible things—whatever  creates fear in you. Become really shaken up by your own imagination: imagine ghosts, demons.  Imagine that they are killing you, trying to rape you, imagine you lost your job, no money, you are dying, your lover betrayed you….. Get into the fear as deeply as possible and whatever happens, go into it. After you go into your fear whatever position you like, you can take it. Or making sounds: crying, moaning, screaming.
STEP 2 –  Standing up, talk in nonsense sounds called ‘gibberish’. Keep eyes closed if not dark enough. Let yourself shake and move your body.
STEP 3 – sit or lie down and accept any fears or whatever comes up. In other times when ever fears come up accept them. No rejection, don’t think that it is something wrong that you have to overcome. It is natural. By accepting it and by expressing it at night, things will start changing.
STEP 4 – Sit or lie down for 10 minutes

Listen to your caring heart. Let it call for you, and there will be nothing else you need to do. Fears are good as they are speaking to you to be aware and discerning, as well as to breath deeper and opening up your heart. The real fear should be the unwillingness to let go of all unhelpful fears.


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