Six to 8” Love

Six to 8” Love  
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September 11, 2018
Always do what’s right! It’ll take you a lot to ignore what is your opportunity. Sunny, rain or dark, it works when you make the decision to realize you have the control stick. For example, the number one top compliment that all want to hear everyday is – ‘You look happy’! You may not be happy, but that 6’’ to 8’’ space between your ears will get a ‘spike in positive energy’ with that compliment. Everyone likes a compliment, many are starving for one. Giving ‘validation’ to everyone actually validates you in a positive way.  Why be at the whim of serial negative thoughts when there is a cure?

However, the cure of negativity is your choice and it’s ‘free’. Free therapy is affordable because ‘you’ are the ‘seller and buyer’ that only has to see and then be. It’s easy like ABC’s that can stand for many things including ‘Always Be Conscious.’ Have the faith that you are more powerful with you than you ever thought you could be. Time to throw the negative to the floor or out the door. Negativity is like a weed, or at best a guideline to keep you from more negativity. Never spend time being negative about your negativity, at least without being conscious.

The most incredible ‘enlightening’ experience that changed my life came after a 2-3 year experience of meditating, and not necessarily in the way most would consider ‘normal’ meditating. I made the choice because of a love that left me searching for the love within, and not depending on another, but myself. During that time, I both did a meditation to let go of the negative while doing another to bring in the positive. The technique can be ‘compressed’ into this exercise one to 3 times per day, only taking about 7  minutes each time Call it the ‘Yesss 7 minute: 

Stand, sit or lie down with eyes closed and repeat the words (or similar) – ‘I’m moving deeper and deeper into positivity. I’m becoming more and more positive. I am now positive.’ Do this over and over throughout while taking slow circular breaths. Begin the breath up from the bottom of the belly slowly. When there is no more to breath, hold it for as long as you can – ALL THE TIME FAST TALKING QUIETLY TO YOURSELF the words of ‘positivity’. Slowly let the breath out, silently2 fast talking until there is no more to let out (the negative). Hold it as long as you can then begin it all over. The breathing is circular. Try this for 30 days and you will see a big difference.   Mind clearing and positive reseting go together. 

That 6 to 8’’ space between your ears needs clearing or ‘brainwashing’ (in the  positive sense). All you have to do is ‘just do it’. Everything is a journey, make your’s as good as you can imagine it and even be open to more. Warning though – being positive is the way, but part of it is nor ignoring the negative, which of course can be available to see and examine to find the most positive way to live with. Have a total eclipse of your being and heart!

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